What types of Elderly Care Services are there?

At Home Instead Bromley we understand that choosing the right type of elderly care may feel overwhelming at first when there are so many different elderly care options available. 

Our friendly team are here to help you every step of the way. In this article, we talk about some of our senior care services at Home Instead Bromley and different choices in senior care. 

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Elderly Care Services in Bromley and surrounding areas

Some of the senior care options available at Home Instead Bromley: 

Respite Care

Respite care for elderly parents allows the usual CAREGiver to have a break. Used for temporary care for the elderly, it means that the care recipient will receive care from a different CAREGiver, usually for a short period of time. 

Weekend respite care for the elderly is a common service for family CAREGivers. One of the benefits of respite care for the elderly is that it gives the family caregiver time to go on a well-deserved holiday and recharge their batteries.

There are as many types of respite care as there are elderly care services, meaning you can receive respite dementia care, respite personal care, and many others. 

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Personal Care

Personal care for the elderly is a service in which a CAREGiver assists your loved one with any tasks that might be of personal, intimate nature. 

For example, personal hygiene care for the elderly might entail assistance with oral hygiene, changing clothes, showering, bathing, and any other personal tasks. 

One of the ways of establishing whether your loved ones might require some extra assistance is if you notice them developing poor hygiene habits. The knowledge that they are well taken care of and living to the same high standard of life can give the family peace of mind when they can’t be there. 

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Morning Care for Elderly 

Morning care usually consists of one of our CAREGivers helping your loved one with getting out of bed, personal hygiene, administering medication, and general assistance with getting ready for the day. 

Overnight Home Care for the Elderly 

Overnight Care for the elderly is a type of nightly service, where the CAREGiver stays with your loved ones throughout the night. This might mean that they are there with them to administer medication, or perhaps just to keep them company.

The standard overnight care, called ‘sleeping night’, means that the CAREGiver will be able to sleep through the night, and is there just in case of any issues that might arise. 

A more specialised night-care service is waking nights care. Waking night care means that the CAREGiver stays awake the whole night to assist your loved one with any care requirements. 

Evening Care for Elderly 

Evening senior care is a service in which the CAREGiver helps your family member with getting ready for bed. This might include helping with persona hygiene, administering medication 

Visiting Care for the Elderly 

Visiting care is an umbrella term for all types of hourly home care for the elderly. It can include elderly day care for seniors with dementia, evening care, or personal care. 

It means that a CAREGiver visits your loved one whenever it is necessary, but does not live with them. 

Elderly Care for Couples

At Home Instead Bromley we understand that elderly couples may not want to leave the comfort and privacy of their homes, but we believe that they do not have to miss out on high-quality care. 

Couple care with Home Instead means that your loved ones can stay at home, together. 

Our elderly care services at Home Instead are flexible, so your couple care package could include a couple of hours a week of help with housekeeping, assisting with personal hygiene on a weekend or long term care for elderly parents.  

Convalescent Care

Often referred to as after hospital care for the elderly, it is usually a short-term care service that happens after a person has gone through an illness or had a fall. The aim of convalescent care is to aid in bringing your loved one back to health and wellbeing. 

Live-in Care 

A type of service where one of our trained CAREGivers is carefully chosen to move in with your loved one to help them and keep them company. 

To find out more about live-in home care, take a look at our most frequently asked questions about live-in care. 

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