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Personal Elderly Care Alarms

Living at home independently is the goal for many, but sometimes even the most self-reliant person needs a little extra support. Our alarms from Taking Care can help all day, every day.

Personal safety alarms from Taking Care

Access to an alarm means having somebody on hand 24/7, not just for urgent incidents, but for general health advice too. Loved ones don’t always have to be the go-to contact; emergency response teams are also there to act quickly.

Our care alarms give peace of mind, reassuring families that they aren’t the only person on standby if anything unforeseen happens. The person’s home is fitted with an alarm unit, and there is also the option of an alarm button on a pendant or watch. Help is just a button press away, whatever time of the day or night.

Taking Care are a Which? approved provider of personal safety alarms and a trusted partner of Home Instead.

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Maintaining independence at home

As you age, retaining a sense of independence in your own home is important. But often, unforeseen events can knock the confidence of both individuals and their families. Personal safety alarms can give everybody the reassurance they need to continue living independently.

Living at home independently means different things to different people, so our care alarms can be adapted to the individual’s needs. It can be as simple as someone on the other end of an emergency call. Or perhaps you need a whole team on hand to give advice on health and medication concerns? Your alarm can cater to whatever your needs or requirements are.

Many families incorporate Enhanced Care options, such as personal safety alarms, into a wider package of live-in or other home care services, and our local expert teams can help stay on top of changes in behaviour and make appropriate changes to Care Plans.

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Elderly Alarms Personal

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24/7 medical support line

Taking Care’s team of qualified nurses are available any time, day or night to give advice on any health concerns. They are trained specialists in a range of medical issues, from small or short-term problems such as pain management and minor injuries, to larger issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Whether you are experiencing new or unfamiliar symptoms, or need help managing an ongoing condition, you will be connected immediately to a trained clinician who can support and advise you with your current situation, as well as your possible next steps.

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Extra sensors

Home Instead clients have the option to add sensors to their personal alarm service to detect issues in the house and flag them to an emergency response team. These sensors can detect:

  • Falls
  • Bogus callers
  • Smoke
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Floods

Installing the alarm system is simple! Clear instructions are provided, and a technical team is available over the phone to walk you through the process and offer installation support. If you’d rather an expert team installed it, you can arrange for a visit from one of their Telecare Consultants to set up, demonstrate and test the alarm for an additional fee.

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Medical Information Service

Taking medication is a daily ritual for many elderly people, but it can be confusing knowing the ins and outs of medicines and prescriptions. Taking Care’s Medication Information Service is staffed by a team of qualified pharmacists, ready to answer your questions. Not only can they talk you through drug interactions, dosage information, and possible side effects, but they can also advise on treatment using over-the-counter remedies and medications.

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Personal safety alarm 24/7 help

If an emergency arises, you or your loved one will be connected automatically to the Emergency Resolution Team at the touch of a button. The team knows straight away who they have been connected to, where they live, and their medical history. Using the built-in loudspeaker, the team will give reassurance and call personal contacts or get emergency assistance if required.

elderly alarms personal

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