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Arranging care for yourself or your loved one shouldn’t be stressful. Our many years of insight into issues affecting ageing adults enable us to make life easier for you. We can help you to understand what to do and also the part you can play in arranging care.

Flexible, tailored care

Everyone’s care needs are different. That’s why we don’t offer a ready-made care package but a service that’s tailored to your individual needs. Your loved one’s health or living situation can change over time. For us, it’s therefore crucial to reflect that in the care we offer and adapt it accordingly. 

We believe in people being visited by the same Care Professional every time. We also match clients with their Care Professionals based on their shared interests and personality traits. This means that both can develop meaningful relationships and become genuine companions. 

Each of our care visits lasts for at least an hour. This ensures that the care is thorough and that any key issues aren’t overlooked and allows time to bond over activities that both can enjoy.  

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Tapping into industry insights

By partnering with several organisations that specialise in different aspects of care and old age, we’ve gained an even deeper insight into the issues that affect older people. This arms us with the information we need to develop innovative care offerings that will meet the changing needs of our ageing population and expand the world’s capacity to care.

Helping families and communities

Organising care can be a daunting prospect, particularly for those who’ve never experienced it before. We’re keen to help you, by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience of old age and receiving care at home.

Home Instead offers several free dementia workshops across the UK, open to anyone seeking some more information or support. If you have a loved one who’s been diagnosed with dementia you may find it useful to attend one of these workshops to learn how you can help and hear top tips from our Care Professionals. 

We’re proud of the role that Home Instead plays in local communities, particularly in helping older people (even those who aren’t our clients). Our annual festive gifts campaign brings Home Instead and members of the public together, helping fundraise and donate Christmas presents to ageing adults who otherwise might not have anything to open on the big day.

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We know that finding care for a loved one isn’t easy. With so many options and choices, it can be hard to know where to turn. But our care begins with you.

By spending more time listening and understanding your circumstances than anyone else, we’re confident we can help you get through it.

Because we’re here to help your relative live a more independent life, at home, with everything from companionship to specialised, practical care created just for them.

So give us a call and we’ll help you find the answer, with no pressure to make a decision right away.

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