Care begins

There is always a bit of a bedding-in process as you, your loved one and their Care Professional get to know each other better, but we’ll work with you and keep in touch at each stage to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Consistent Support

Once we have agreed on when we will visit you or your loved one and identified the Care Professionals who will provide the care, we ensure that our care software contains this information to create your Schedule.

We can provide you with a copy of your loved one’s Schedule if you wish so that you can see who is coming to visit, and it will always be shared with the person receiving care.

You’ll always know which Care Professional to expect as we detail this in the Schedule. This ensures that you, or your loved one, have consistency of care and always know who will be visiting that day.

care begins

95% of clients confirmed that their Care Professional arrives on time and 94% of clients agreed that their Care Professional is well matched to their care needs.

PEAQ Client Satisfaction Survey 2022

Ongoing Review

We know that situations can often change quickly, so once your loved one’s care package is up and running we will carry out regular Quality Assurance visits and Service Reviews. This ensures we are always delivering our high standard of support and that your loved one’s Care Plan accurately reflects their current needs, helping them to live their best life at home.

At Home Instead, our local teams are on hand to provide care and support for the whole family. These experts will be on hand to guide you through this transition, as well as your loved one and give you ongoing peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters.

care begins