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Nail Care for the Elderly

Specialist nail care for the elderly, delivered within the comforts of home.

Why is nail care at home so important?

Many of us don’t give a second thought to our toenails until a painful condition starts to affect our mobility. As well as the potential to cause pain and discomfort, issues like ingrown toenails and infections become more serious as we age. Studies have found that nail changes – such as brittle nails, discolouration or numb toes – can indicate underlying health conditions. Having regular at-home nail care appointments with Home Instead means our experienced, friendly Care Professionals can help catch any troublesome nail issues early, as well as help you feel refreshed from fingers to toes.

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As we age, our nails require more care and attention to stay healthy. Home Instead offers nail care at home for ageing adults, and makes the process of nail maintenance simple and efficient. With regular care, you or your loved one can avoid painful nail conditions in the future that affect mobility and independence.

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What does a nail care appointment involve?

At Home Instead, we specialise in at-home domiciliary care to help you or your loved one avoid stressful appointments, while preserving as much independence as possible. Nail care is no exception, and we can provide a trained Care Professional to help maintain nail health from home. 

Our approach means fully personalised nail care, including: 

  • A pre-visit risk assessment for conditions like diabetes, haemophilia, poor circulation and more (our Care Professionals will not carry out nail care on diagnosed diabetic patients – they will require specialist foot care from their GP)
  • A Care Professional with an accredited nail cutting and care qualification
  • Regular checks for signs of ill health, and if necessary, recommendations for clinical intervention (our service does not include chiropody, so our team will advise if a separate medical check-up is required) 
  • Full pedicure service, including trimming, filing, and cuticle maintenance
  • A full clean to refresh nails and ensure feet remain free from infections 
  • A relaxing massage of the hands and feet to promote wellbeing 
  • Optional moisturising and nail polish application (if desired) 
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Why is nail care best done at home?

Obtaining chiropody appointments through the NHS can be challenging due to long wait times. Our service is a useful alternative that, while not offering full chiropody, focuses on nail health as a preventative approach rather than as a treatment for conditions that have already developed. The benefits of carrying out this service at home include:

  • Avoiding stressful travel to and from appointments
  • Working around daily routines, schedules and mobility issues
  • Minimising risk of infection which is often heightened in clinical settings
  • Having appointments in a familiar and comfortable environment to reduce anxiety
  • Helping you or your loved one to fully relax and enjoy the nail care experience 
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