Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK is a research and support charity that aims to both improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease and find a cure for the condition.

How does our partnership with Parkinson’s UK work?

Our partnership with Parkinson’s UK is all about collaboration and mutual benefit. Working so closely together means both parties can offer expert advice and support to those living with the condition, empowering them to live happier, more fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own homes. Together, we believe in bespoke support.

The comprehensive training programme we put in place together allows us to upskill our Care Professionals and show them how they can support people living with Parkinson’s who want to stay at home.

The Parkinson’s UK Care Professional programme

Parkinson’s UK offers dedicated courses for our in-house trainers, who then deliver that training to the 10,000+ Care Professionals we employ. Even better, the support for those who complete the training is ongoing, meaning that they can benefit from the latest research and developments and continue to offer the highest quality of care possible.

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In return, we help support Parkinson’s UK with home care training modules. We champion the message that people with Parkinson’s can continue to live well at home. They and their families should know that they don’t have to turn straight to residential care, and that specialist support at home is available.

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