Stay Cool in the Heat with Home Instead

Older people in particular can be more vulnerable to the effects of a heatwave for a number of reasons – their bodies don’t adjust as easily to changes in temperature, they may have dementia and forget to stay hydrated or have long term health conditions like diabetes or heart problems which make them more at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Some tips to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke include:

· Stay hydrated and drink plenty of cold drinks
· Take cool baths or showers
· Avoid alcohol
· Keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
· Wear light coloured and loose clothing

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If you need to help someone to cool down quickly, you should

Get them to a cool place/ shade
Ask them to lay down and raise their feet.
Get them to drink plenty of water or sports/rehydration drinks like Lucozade.
Cool their skin - spray or sponge them down with cool water and fan them. Use cold packs around the armpits or neck too.
Do not leave them, stay with them until they cool down.
If you find the person isn’t cooling down within 30 minutes and symptoms become worse and are showing signs of heat stroke, dial 999.

Home Instead Help in the Heat

Our CAREGivers are a lifeline to older people as they visit and help them to stay safe in the hot weather. Our continuity of care means our CAREGivers are well placed to keep an eye out for any changes in clients (eg. Showing signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration) and flag them quickly. We can offer advice on staying cool around the home as well as making sure clients stay hydrated.

If you or a loved one would like some additional help at home, contact your local office.