New report explores roles of technology in care

The role of technology in care

We have for some time advocated for the role technology has to play in the future of care. Whilst tech should never replace the human touch and relationship-led care, it has a huge role to play in keeping people safe and well in their homes.

A new report, “Implementing TEC so we can all live gloriously ordinary lives”, from the TEC Action Alliance has been launched this week.

Based on groundbreaking research the report gets to the heart of what individuals truly seek from digital care services and devices—unveiling the nine fundamental desires that are often overlooked.

With our commitment and that of around 30 more organisations, the TEC Action Alliance places the preferences and needs of individuals, families, and unpaid carers at the forefront of technology-enabled care (TEC) development. This initiative stems from a dedicated study examining over 100 sources and engaging with the community through interviews and focus groups, to capture the genuine expectations from TEC services.

The Nine Pillars of Digital Care

  1. Awareness: “Enhancing knowledge on how technology can cater to individual needs.”
  2. Independence: “Empowering individuals through devices that augment self-sufficiency.”
  3. Control: “Ensuring personal agency over care technology is maintained.”
  4. Reassurance: “Offering peace of mind through connected and secure technology.”
  5. Seamlessness: “Integrating technology smoothly with existing devices for a unified experience.”
  6. Personalisation: “Tailoring technology to meet unique needs, providing true choice.”
  7. Equal Decision-Making: “Inviting contributions in the design and functionality of care technology.”
  8. Support: “Delivering assistance, advice, and training for seamless technology adoption.”
  9. Privacy and Security: “Guaranteeing data protection and online safety.”

Within the report, the TEC Action Alliance urges local authority social care commissioners and housing providers to reflect these principles in their TEC procurement processes, ensuring a person-centred approach that resonates with the actual needs of the community.

It makes for a really interesting read.