Age Without Limits – Case Study

Rosemary (73) – I want to continue learning and being inspired

At 73 years of age, Rosemary from Hertfordshire knows that she still has lots to give professionally. She thrives on new experiences and is inspired by learning. Rosemary works as a Care Professional for our East Herts & Uttlesford franchise office and is a dynamic and highly valued member of the team.

She initially applied for her role with Home Instead 7 years ago at the age of 66 and had no qualms about entering the workforce past retirement age; in fact she relished the opportunity to continue making a contribution.

Speaking about her role and the contribution she makes, she said, “I never had any concerns about applying for the role and certainly didn’t see my age as a barrier.

“The fact of the matter is that I simply don’t see myself as being old. It’s quite funny really as my daughters keep telling me to slow down, but I have no intention of doing so!” Home Instead provides highly personalised care with clients matched to their Care Professional based on shared interests so that a strong relationship can be developed.

Rosemary has volunteered for her local hospice for many years and also cared for her parents when they became frail. The fact that, working for Home Instead, meant that she would be paid for her time was the icing on the cake!

Rosemary clearly shares a strong bond with all of her clients. She commented, “I think my age is a real bonus in this job as I’m able to make a strong connection with my clients, many of whom are of a similar age to me.

“Don’t get me wrong, all the Care Pros, no matter their age, are wonderful and I absolutely love working as part of an intergenerational team – we all have so much to give.

“There are plenty of opportunities for me to interact with the rest of the team and I love that.”

Rosemary has been matched to four clients, all ladies living in Sawbridgeworth. She continues, “They are all lovely. I like to listen and talk in equal measure – everyone has a story to tell.

“I have one particular client who I see three times a week. Our shared interests are – reading, gardening and politics. She’s quite fiery and we have some fantastic conversations.