Andrew Dilnot addresses the National Children & Adult Services Conference

In a busy sub-plenary session at the Excel Conference Centre on Thursday 20th October the chairman of the commission on funding of care and support was a keynote speaker along with Dame Jo Williams and Lord Norman Warner.

Andrew Dilnot opened the session by restating the findings of the commission’s consultation that there is urgency in the need for social care reform. He rejected criticism that his proposal only benefitted the wealthy saying that “the current means tested system hits most badly those in the bottom half of the wealth distribution.”

Lord Warner felt that there needed to be an economic case made and that social care could help the NHS out of the increasingly deep hole that he considered them to be in. In reference to the reduced cost of caring for the elderly in home as opposed to in hospital Lord Warner highlighted benefits to the NHS which are matched by a benefit to the person receiving the care.

Dilnot closed by urging the sector to respond to the consultation boldly and emphasize the imperfections in the current system and by challenging the government to set aside only 1/400th of public spending to address the broken system.