About Us

Welcome to Home Instead Senior Care in Leek Moorlands.

The Value of Good Care

It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable with the person providing the care.  Alongside this, we want to provide a service that respects the clients' dignity and ensures that the client is valued.

We really understand the value of good care and how much it helps both our clients and their families and friends.  And, we know that having a trusted CAREGiver can make all the difference to someone’s quality of life, often being the deciding factor between staying at home for longer or having to move into residential care.

Life Made Easier

Sometimes just doing some simple chores such as shopping, preparing meals and general help is all it takes to make life easier. We all know how good it feels when life can be made more comfortable it allows us to enjoy our home and surroundings. Its nice to know we don't have to become anxious about how to keep on top of the chores.

Having someone that really cares makes such a difference. We understand that companionship is very important and having somebody we can trust providing a reliable and compassionate service is vital. Taking the time to chat and catch up with day-to-day events is important; and you need to have someone who can empathise with the situation, that is why we make sure our CAREGivers are matched with our clients. This means our clients will feel safe and secure with the services provided.

Customised Services

We all like to be listened to, especially when we need some help.  We want our likes and dislikes taken into account and we want to be understood and respected.  We all want to be looked after and cared for in our own unique way and not be treated all the same.  Listening to, understanding and communicating with our clients, their family and friends on a regular basis is what makes us different and able to provide a customised service.

Whatever the individual needs of our clients are, we relish the opportunity to help people, we find it extremely rewarding. That is why we provide the range of services that we do.

In other cases, there may be a need for more specialised care and we can help with that too.

Quality Services

The high level of service we provide is based on sound knowledge and an understanding of what people need to maintain their independence and autonomy. We recognise that people are unique and have their own requirements. That is why our services are purposely customised and delivered to a very high standard that not only meets CQC (Care Quality Commission) standards but our very own high standards as well. We regularly check and monitor how our services are delivered and strive to improve the services all the time.

Employment and Recruitment

Not only that, we are creating employment too and we take care to ensure that our team is properly trained and supported so that they can deliver the care in the way that we have promised.

Doing a Good Job

We give our staff time to do their job properly, that's why we refuse to take on 15 minute calls, this means our clients receive the best quality of care whilst also providing our CAREGivers with high levels of job satisfaction.

Our promise is to ensure all our CAREGivers are selected for their empathy and understanding of what it takes to provide a quality service that is centred on the individual.

All staff are provided with high quality on-going training and are matched with their client. They are all robustly screened and have a DBS clearance before they are allowed to begin working for us. We conduct regular quality checks to ensure clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide.

Local Provider for Local People

Choosing a care provider for your loved one can be a difficult decision but with Home Instead you have the assurance of a reputable, highly experienced national company delivering services at a local level by local people.

Please call and talk to us about your needs, you will be reassured that you have found the help you need.

The Leek Moorlands Home Instead Senior Care Office is part of a global network of more than 975 locally owned and operated offices.