Five Mobility-Friendly Activities to Keep You Active in Leek and Moorlands

Discover a range of accessible, low-impact activities in Leek and Moorlands that are perfect for older adults. Stay active, engaged, and healthy in your local community.

While staying active is crucial at any stage in life, it becomes increasingly important as we age. Leek and Moorlands provide numerous opportunities for older adults to keep moving in ways that are both enjoyable and easy on the joints.

The Benefits of Mobility-Friendly Activities:

Engaging in mobility-friendly activities brings multiple health advantages. These low-impact options are kinder on the joints, helping to reduce arthritis symptoms and general wear and tear. They also promote cardiovascular health and mental wellbeing, offering a well-rounded approach to staying active. Whether you’re in Leek, Moorlands, or the surrounding areas, embracing these accessible activities means you’re doing something beneficial for both body and mind.


Gentle Yoga at Haregate Community Centre

Haregate Community Centre offers a variety of events and classes, one of which is gentle yoga tailored for older adults. Located right in the heart of Leek, this community gem is easy to get to and welcoming for all. Gentle yoga emphasises flexibility, balance, and low-impact movements, making it ideal for those looking to maintain or improve their mobility.


Walking Football at Moorlands Leisure Centre

If you’re a football enthusiast but find the standard game a bit too fast-paced, consider giving walking football a try. Hosted at Moorlands Leisure Centre, this slower version of the classic game allows you to enjoy the sport while reducing the risk of strain or injury. It’s an excellent way to socialise while staying active.


Water Aerobics at Brough Park Leisure Centre

Located in the heart of Leek, Brough Park Leisure Centre offers a water aerobics class designed for older adults. The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints while still providing resistance for a good workout. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a low-impact but effective exercise routine.


Nature Walks in Rudyard Lake

One of the area’s best natural attractions, Rudyard Lake offers scenic walking paths that are well-maintained and accessible. The flat terrain and beautiful views make this an ideal spot for a leisurely walk. The lake is a local favourite and provides an excellent opportunity for bird-watching or simply enjoying the tranquillity of nature.


Adaptive Swimming at Brough Park Leisure Centre

Brough Park Leisure Centre in Leek offers adaptive swimming sessions that are designed to be gentle on the joints while still providing a great workout. The centre has accessible facilities, including ramps and lifts for easy pool access. Swimming is a wonderful way to stay active and engaged, and the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on the body, making it a fantastic option for older adults with mobility concerns.

Enhancing Your Experience with Home Instead Companionship Care Services:

Staying active doesn’t have to be a daunting task, even when mobility is a concern. Leek and Moorlands offer a variety of activities tailored for older adults that are both enjoyable and beneficial for health. From gentle yoga sessions to leisurely nature walks, there’s something for everyone.

At Home Instead in Leek and Moorlands, we’re committed to helping older adults live life to the fullest, while also providing peace of mind to their families. Our trained Care Professionals can accompany clients to these activities, ensuring they remain active and engaged in the community. If you’re looking for support for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.