Here comes the sun...

Here Comes the Sun…

The summer sun is upon us and with the sunshine comes the risk of dehydration. Barbecues, beach trips, garden parties and picnics are what make summer so much fun and with the easing of restrictions, we may all get to enjoy these activities again this summer.

However, it is important to note that too much outdoor time can also lead to dehydration which for some senior individuals can be a common cause of hospitalisation. Apart from drinking regularly there are other steps to prevent dehydration.

Tip 1: 
Wear Breathable clothing
Tight synthetic materials can make you perspire a lot – wear light breathable layers such as cotton fabrics and linen

Tip 2: Increase fluid intake

Drink as much as you can when it is extremely hot. Drink, water, tea and juice. Try squash in water if you do not like drinking water to encourage you to drink regularly.

Tip 3: Foods hydrate too

Leafy greens, celery, berries, melon, cucumber, tomatoes and apples can be added to the summer diet. These foods can be very refreshing.

Tip 4: Medication Review

Certain medications can increase the risk of dehydration and sensitivity to the sun – talk to your GP or pharmacists about any concerns.

Tip 5:
Always use Sunscreen
It is really important whenever you are outside in the sunshine that you wear Sunscreen, our skin can be delicate, so we need to protect it from burning, even when it is overcast.

Tip 6:
Stay Indoors during the hottest hours
The sun is more intense during the middle of the day, between 12pm-3pm so avoid being outside during these times. Do any outdoor activities such as gardening, shopping and walking in the mornings or early evenings.

Help your loved ones, friends and elderly neighbours stay safe and sun-happy!

Be Safe and Take Care!