Supporting Family Caregivers in Wembley

Discover how Home Instead Wembley supports family caregivers with relationship-led care at home and a caring touch.

At Home Instead Wembley, we understand the dedication and emotional strength required to care for older adults at home. We can provide support for family caregivers, offering them both support and respite when needed. But how exactly do we accomplish this?

Respite care or a short break

For the family caregiver, knowing that professional help is at hand provides not just time to rest, but peace of mind. It’s an opportunity to recharge, to take a moment for oneself while knowing that your relative is in capable and caring hands. Our visiting Care Professionals and local expert office team offer flexible, tailored home care solutions because every family’s needs are unique.

Respite care or a short break

To us, respite care is not just taking a break, it’s an essential component of a sustainable care plan — for both the family caregiver and the adult they support. It’s about acknowledging the family caregivers’ hard work and offering them the same compassion and support they provide every day.

Home Instead Wembley offers both visiting care at home and live-in care options, designed to give family caregivers that essential time to step away from caregiving – perhaps even to have a care-free conversation with their loved one, or a simple pleasure of reading a book or to take time out away from the home – while not compromising on the quality of care their loved ones receive.

Personal care

Personal care can be a key service that allows us to support the care and support families are giving to their loved ones. Whether it’s assistance with washing, a hand with getting dressed, or simply combing hair, it’s the small things that allow older adults to feel cared for and respected. It’s about fostering independence and dignity in daily life. By aiding with these personal needs, our Care Professionals not only ensure physical hygiene but also nurture a positive self-image and confidence amongst older adults.

A son of a client of Home Instead Wembley beautifully illustrates the impact of our care: “Our Care Professional is friendly and soon became part of our ‘extended’ family. She provides personal care for my Mother and friendship. A vital and useful addition.”

Supporting family caregivers Wembley

A little extra support, can make a huge difference

Home Instead Wembley can step in to offer family caregivers a much-needed break or additional support throughout the week. The notion that professional care must only start at a crisis point is not always the most helpful to a situation. In reality, timely and considered support with home care services from companionship to specialised care, can sustain health outcomes and prolong independence. It can just be the small bits of help from our visiting Care Professionals that make a huge difference. This “little help” can empower older adults to continue doing things for themselves, and in the longer term can even prevent a crisis point.

If you are a family caregiver in the Wembley area and in need of a little or a lot of support, you can learn more about our home care services and how we can tailor a care plan to suit your needs, by calling us on 0208 022 4590.