A Chat with our Care Professionals at Home Instead Wembley

Discover the heart and soul behind Home Instead Wembley, watch or read our conversation about working in home care with our at home care team.

We are so proud of our Care Professionals at Home Instead Wembley and last year we got the chance to bring 6 of our team into a studio, to create this short film and hear from them directly!  We loved it so much, we thought it’s about time to revisit the conversation.

Featuring the voices of Adjele, Amna, Donna, Gurvinderjit, Manbai, and Mo, alongside Director Leena and Care Scheduler Nipa, this conversation sheds light on the profoundly impactful role of Care Professionals within the local community. From the personal rewards and challenges of their day-to-day experiences to the supportive and nurturing environment Home Instead creates for its staff, this interview offers a rare glimpse into what it truly means to care for others. 

Join us as we delve into their stories, sharing laughter, emotion and the joy and fulfillment that come from making a difference in people’s lives.

Take a peek at the video (under 4 minutes) or read through the chat between our team members below.

A Chat About What It Means To Care

Gurvinderjit: What do people usually say when you tell them you are a Care Professional?

Mo: The response I get is wow, what a great job you’re doing. 

Gurvinderjit: Every day is a new day for you, you have new experiences and it’s rewarding, you feel good about yourself. 

Mo: It’s a rewarding job and very very humbling and it’s given me a lot of confidence. 

Adjele: I guess for me maybe it’s the difference that you can make to someone’s life. 

Donna: You’re not just, you’re not just a Care Professional you know, they bring you as part of your family. 

Manbai: They do.

Mo: Home Instead is just an excellent company to work for really I would say.

Gurvinderjit: They’re very professional, pay rate is very good and their benefits are very good. 

Donna: Working for Home Instead, they’re like a family and they’re very supportive to us as Care Professionals training is ongoing so the training is very good. 

Manbai: Yes, it’s very good training. 

Adjele: I think Home Instead like to develop their staff. I think they give us a lot of opportunities to do training…. so I think that’s good for us, because we can move forward and aim higher, you know, while being a Care Professional. 

Amna: They know if you are in need, they really help you out. 

Leena: So I believe that our Care Professionals are absolutely at the heart of everything we do,. because without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. They make such a difference to people’s lives that they enhance what care is. 

Nipa: I came to Home Instead because I wanted to give back something to the community. I’ve gained so much and I felt like I’d like to give something back. And I stay in it because the respect you get is amazing and the job satisfaction – at the end of the day just helping someone or when the client calls and says you’ve done an amazing job. I end up crying half the time, so it’s really emotional but it’s the job satisfaction I think more than anything you know, you feel like you’re doing something.

Manbai: One of my clients, she likes Frank Sinatra. I put a video on for her and she’s dancing in the bed you know to the music. 

Mo: The gentleman that I look after because he is by himself, when you walk through that door I just see that smiling face and that just makes my day, and it’s taken (away) the feeling of loneliness out of him.

Adjele: What was your first day like?

Manbai:  My first day I didn’t know what I was doing!

Adjele: You’re still here, you’re still here! It’s the meeting new people, that’s what I really enjoy about the work. I think that’s the best thing for me because I’m quite a sociable person,  so for me that’s quite a big thing.

Donna: Don’t be worried about personal care

Adjele: Yeah it’s nothing to worry about and with the right support you’ll build your confidence and it will be fine.

Donna: And give the clients their dignity. I’m really proud I feel like I’m giving back. 

Gurvinderjit: Every day when I go to sleep I feel like I’ve made a change and I feel proud of myself. 

Donna: You’re making a difference to that family, do it, give it a go………………Sorry we got a bit emotional didn’t we!

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