Home Instead Peterborough’s - Adaptive Kitchen Tips

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s article. For a lot of people as we age our dexterity can be affected, making it harder to be able to some kitchen tasks. So whether you are looking for tips for your elderly friends or family members or perhaps even yourself to make some kitchen tasks easier for you, we hope you find our tried and tested tips useful!

One cup hot water dispenser
- Kettles can be surprisingly heavy for most people, let alone if you have an older person who is struggling with their dexterity and strength. What is particularly great about the one cup dispensers, is that it will only boil the 1 mug of water at a time. So as well as reducing the weight of using a kettle, you are also saving energy by boiling only a cup of water you need at a time!

Electric can openers
- I don’t know about you but I find opening cans very hard and actually, for the elderly friends and family in our lives, canned goods can be extremely useful in getting good nutrition with very minimal effort. Things like soups, tinned vegetables are great however, opening then can be really hard. Having something like an electric can opener, enables older people to be able to eat these goods whilst not having to struggle.

 Adaptive kitchen knives - These are quite wonderful for anyone who struggles with cutting up fruit and vegetables with conventional knives. If the older person in your life is struggling with strength in their arms and hands too, these are so useful! 

Even if your elderly loved ones are OK with what they are using at the moment, these are great gadgets to start introducing to them gently. This will enable them more in the longer term and so if they do struggle in the future, they are already armed with the gadgets they may need.

Our home care support workers in and around Peterborough are fantastic at spotting what your elderly family members might need to enable them more. So, if you do struggle with visiting them regularly due to your own family commitments, work or perhaps even the distance you live away from them, it might be worth considering a little extra help in this area. We offer home help and support for the older generation, so they can stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. We are available to offer an assessment if you feel that they could use the extra home care support, but unsure of how to go about it.

So do feel free to get in touch with us for a friendly chat about the home care support services we offer on 01733 333342. We cover Peterborough and its surrounding areas which include the Deepings too, you can see all the areas we cover here. Alternatively, you can email me on amy.kennedy@homeinstead.co.uk.

If you have any other topics you would like us to research and discuss, feel free to contact us in regards to this too :)