A Career In Care

If you have been thinking of trying something new, wanting to make a difference in your community, bored in your current job or with retirement perhaps, this blog is for you.

A Career In Care

If you have been thinking of trying something new, wanting to make a difference in your community, bored in your current job or with retirement perhaps, this blog is for you. Perhaps you get that ‘Sunday feeling’, where you are not looking forward to going back to the grind on Monday? We believe that with Home Instead Peterborough, that feeling could be a thing of the past for you.


For Home Instead Peterborough, the type of home care support we provide for the elderly may differ to what you have in your mind already. So, let us explain a bit more. It isn’t just personal care, it is so much more. First and foremost, we offer professional companionship care, this means we are offering older people within your community, good company, and conversation to live their fullest life.

We know that living alone, losing a loved one or having family far away can have a detrimental impact on a person’s physical and mental health. We are here to be a part of that community support network, offering sunshine and a smile on an older person’s day. This could be anything from taking them to their doctors’ appointments, giving them a hand shopping, to simply being there for a cup of tea and a friendly chat. Age certainly isn’t a barrier when it comes to learning new things, for many of our clients learn new hobbies, start cultivating new friendships, attend community events, all because they have the right person encouraging and supporting them.

Home Help and Housekeeping

As we grow older, looking after our home can become more and more difficult. Whether it is because of physical ailments, emotional or mental health, we support all. Studies show that having a clean and tidy home supports people’s happiness and wellbeing. The home care services we offer include home help for this reason, our care professionals may take their bins out, help with washing, feed, or walk their pets, help with decluttering and more.

In assisting with the older persons home like this, we know we are allowing them to live their best lives in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. We want them to have the best environment to continue supporting with the older person’s wellbeing.

Personal Care

Offering someone a happy and safe environment for assisting with personal care is number one. We take the time to match the client’s personalities to the care professional, build rapport to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with each other to offer the safest personal care. We listen, learn, and adapt to what older persons preferences are in terms of their personal care.

It is about listening and respect when it comes to supporting with getting up, going to bed, washing, bathing, dressing, haircare etc. We also help with meal preparation and medications as this can make a positive impact on an older person’s life to have this kind of support.

Why Home Instead Peterborough?

Not only do we offer first class at home care support in and around Peterborough for our elderly clients, but for someone who is looking for a new opportunity, we offer a role that is truly fulfilling. That smile, that thank you from a client really does give you the ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ from your work. Imagine that for a moment, getting a thank you and feeling good in supporting an elderly person to be happy and health in every way. We’re also a Top 20 care company in the East of England according to homecare.co.uk.

Everyone is a valued member of a great team, and our home care professionals are proud to work for us and feel motivated to go that ‘extra mile’ for their elderly clients. Remember this the next time you have that ‘Sunday feeling’, you could be feeling proud of the company you work for and motivated too.


Our training is exceptional, we are the only care company that has been awarded two Princess Royal Training Awards for our Alzheimer’s and dementia training; which is City & Guilds accredited.

One of our biggest priorities is supporting and encouraging all our home care support team in delivering their best care for their elderly clients.


We offer time. Time to build rapport, time to cultivate strong caring relationships with their elderly clients, time to truly know the person you are caring for. Therefore, all our visits are a minimum of 1 hour with sufficient travel time, so you can truly get to know the older person you are working with and offer the companionship and support they deserve.

So, if you are looking for a fresh you start in a completely new role, look no further, and reach out today. Equally, if you have retired and feel you have given up work too soon, you can come back to work for us and ‘unretire’ yourself. There is no age limit with us, we are flexible, so even if you want to only work a few hours a week, that is fine too!