Dementia Resources In The Peterborough Area

Caring for a loved one recently diagnosed with dementia or caring for someone in a much later stage of the disease can be a challenging time for all concerned.

Dementia Resources In The Peterborough Area

Your GP (General Practitioner)

First, if you are concerned that you or a loved one may be struggling with dementia, your GP is the first point of contact. The role of your GP is not only to offer support to those with dementia but for their carers too. As well as offering advice, treatment options and referrals, they are signpost to local options for resources and support. The GP will normally be involved with the initial stages of diagnosis and offering a yearly check-up too. This is known as an annual review and should also include their carers within this review. This is to check for any health changes, help manage their conditions and support in living well with dementia.

Alzheimer’s society Dementia resource centre

This is a resource centre which commissions the Alzheimer’s society to run on behalf of Peterborough City Council. The resource centre offers support, advice and information on all thing’s dementia related. It includes dementia advisors, dementia friendly cafes and activities too! Their aim is to offer dementia friendly services, whilst providing support for those with dementia and their carers. They work to meet the needs of the local people and to make a positive difference in their lives.

Something to consider

Another useful resource is knowing what support there is around mealtimes. Mealtimes can be stressful, especially if you are unable to make sure you elderly loved one has eaten. For a lot of older people with dementia, eating and nutrition is often a problem. They may think they have already eaten or simply forget to eat or go shopping. This is a cause for concern for a lot of people, however, there are support networks and resources available in Peterborough to help. One such operation which we know so well is meals on wheels, there are a few services that Peterborough city council recommend, and we have them here for you. We have Apetitio, as well as offering a frozen meals and a hot food delivery service, they can even check in and make sure your loved one is OK. Next, we have another meals on wheels service called iCareCuisine. They also offer frozen meals and sandwiches too. We also have Oakhouse foods, they offer ready meals which are nutritious, quick, and easy to cook.

Not forgetting that many supermarkets will offer home delivery on your shopping too, a nice and straightforward way to ensure your loved ones have food in their cupboards and fridge.

Exploring Peterborough with the PDAA

If you are looking for places to visit that are ‘dementia friendly’, there is a wide range of places available. These are places and companies where staff have been trained in understanding about dementia and how better to support a person with dementia in their workplace/organisation. The PDAA is a Peterborough branch of the Dementia Action Alliance, which is made up of a multitude of organisations, which are committed in making Peterborough more accessible and dementia friendly. It also includes some larger shopping centres, as well as more local services such as they hydro pool.

We are a dementia friendly organisation and offer support for those with dementia and respite for their carer’s. We are another resource which are available to support your elderly loved ones, we can offer home care support in and around Peterborough. Our wonderful care professionals are always eager to help and can offer services from personal care to companionship.

Admiral nurses

Admiral nurses are specialist dementia nurses, which are continually supported and developed by Dementia UK. They help families manage with more complex needs they may have, to listen and help solve problems. They can offer support with certain skills and techniques to help with communication when it becomes difficult with your loved ones. They help prevent distress, offer financial advice in terms of benefits that you could claim to support you, and even help run the Dementia UK helplines and offer virtual appointments too as well as supporting people locally.