Peterborough-Elderly computer courses & its benefits

Hello and welcome to this week’s article. Technology keeps changing, getting smarter, quicker and more accessible. There seems to be a lot of older people out there still, who are missing out on what technology can offer. This may be because technology really doesn’t appeal and that’s absolutely fine. However, even if they used it for just one thing such as - online food shopping, this would greatly increase their health & wellbeing if the elderly person struggles with their mobility. 

I will be going through just some of the benefits of technology today and also where your elderly friends or family members can get some training in and around the Peterborough area. Some of our lovely home care workers are quite tech-savvy and will happily assist their elderly clients by showing them how to use their technology. It is good however, for your elderly loved one to have a few skills in their pocket as these skills can enable them to do more.

Some of the benefits of technology are as follows;

Internet shopping
- Whether it is doing your weekly food shop online and having it delivered directly to your home or purchasing items you need, online shopping is fairly easy to navigate and convenient. For those older people who struggle with getting out and about, being able to buy items they need online enables them to continue being more independent. 

Video Calls
- Keeping in touch and interacting with others is a vital part of what makes us human. We need to be social in order to live life fully, to stay happy and release the right chemicals in the brain. We actually get much more of the good ‘brain stuff’ when we can see people. So whether your elderly loved ones live quite a distance from you, you can still see them and they will get the benefits of the interaction too!

Developing new hobbies and skills
- Learning how to navigate sites such as YouTube to watch and learn crafts etc, is wonderful. I know of a few people who have learnt to knit and crochet simply by watching these video tutorials!

- Online subscription services seem to be the future. More and more companies like NetFlix, Now TV are offering good priced packages for a wider variety of around the clock entertainment. Catch up TV is more and more online-based, even exclusive programming is online only. Learning how to navigate these resources opens up a lot more entertainment options. Also games for entertainment and brain training, these are being offered predominantly online too.

There are more benefits, however, this is a good snippet to start a conversation with your elderly loved ones if you wanted to. We have discovered quite a lot of different courses available in and around Peterborough for IT training, which is great! We have AgeUK which offer courses and Vivacity offer FREE computer training courses at a wide range of public libraries in Peterborough! There is a webpage on the vivacity website which lists the libraries and has further details here. Should your elderly friends and family worry about keeping their details safe online, we have previously written about this subject here.

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