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#YouCanCare week here at Home Instead Peterborough!

Hello there and welcome to this weeks article from Home Instead Peterborough. #YouCanCare week is hosted by Home Instead Senior Care, and here at Home Instead Peterborough, we join in with this too by highlighting stories of caring for older people.

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Dementia - Early signs from Home Instead Peterborough

This week I wanted to go through some of the early warning signs that our ageing parents may display if they are struggling with the beginnings of dementia. This is because Dementia is still, unfortunately, relatively common and is something we should be aware of as our parent’s age.

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Peterborough-Elderly computer courses & its benefits

Technology keeps changing, getting smarter, quicker and more accessible. There seems to be a lot of older people out there still, who are missing out on what technology can offer. This may be because technology really doesn’t appeal and that’s absolutely fine. However, even if they used it for just one thing such as - online food shopping, this would greatly increase their health & wellbeing if the elderly person struggles with their mobility.

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Money management in winter

A great big hello and welcome to this weeks article from Home Instead Peterborough. We have started to notice that the days are getting slightly longer, which starts to lift a lot of spirits up, however, we still have a way to go before we have those long summer days here.

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Home Instead Peterborough’s - Adaptive Kitchen Tips

For a lot of people as we age our dexterity can be affected, making it harder to be able to some kitchen tasks. So whether you are looking for tips for your elderly friends or family members or perhaps even yourself to make some kitchen tasks easier for you, we hope you find our tried and tested tips useful!

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Pace Yourself - Tips for CAREGivers

Pacing yourself when you have a certain amount of energy to spend is really important. A lot of us will have potentially spent most of their lives in a perpetual boom and bust cycle. What this means is that we keep pushing and pushing through the week and then completely flop at the weekends or even falling sick because our immune system then can become compromised.

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8th birthday!

Home Instead Peterborough is 8 years old!

We are rather excited about this week, as we are celebrating our 8th birthday of starting the Home Instead Senior Care Peterborough! Thinking back to how this all started, words cannot describe how proud we are of our team of office staff and CAREGivers to have helped us to continue on this journey. Being able to continue to do what we do, enables the elderly generations to live independently in their homes for a long as possible.

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Happy New (Caring) Job with Home Instead Peterborough

Firstly, here at Home Instead Peterborough, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a VERY happy new year and new decade! We hope you fully enjoyed your festive period.

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A Christmas message from Home Instead Peterborough

Around Christmas time, we always see and hear lots of thank you’s going out to the nurses, firefighters, paramedics who will be working throughout the festive period. Giving up their time with their friends and family, to help others in need. This is absolutely right and should be done however, let’s also spare a thought for all the carers too.

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Dinner time

Happy and Safe 'Check-In' this Festive Season - Conti

Hello again from Home Instead Peterborough! Last week we wrote about a few things to keep an eye on when visiting your elderly loved ones this Christmas.

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Happy and Safe 'Check-In' this Festive Season

Hello from Home Instead Peterborough! We cannot quite believe that we are in December already and Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas is the perfect time to ‘check-in’ with your elderly parents, as you will be potentially visiting anyway. If you live quite a distance away from your elderly parents, talking to them over the phone isn’t always the most effective way of knowing what is really going on in their lives.

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Are you worried about an Elderly Loved one?

Home Instead Peterborough’s article this week is looking at the most effective way in which you can asses your elderly mum, dad, friend or relatives situation. You may have seen some signs which have concerned you in regards to them living on their own. There are some very positive ways in which you can look at their situation without causing them to become resistant to your advice.

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