Types of care services

Companionship and Home Help Services:

• General companionship
• Arranging appointments, travel arrangements and attending if required
• Assisting with entertaining including reading, hobbies and crafts
• Monitoring diet and eating, meal preparation and tidying away
• Preparing shopping lists, help with general shopping and collecting prescriptions
• Planning visits, outings and trips
• Recording family history and reminiscing about the past
• Provision of light housekeeping
• Answering the door, overseeing home deliveries
• Organising wardrobes and cupboards
• Taking out the rubbish, checking food expiry dates
• Supervising home maintenance
• Assisting with pet care

Specialist Services:

• Assisting with morning/wake up and evening/tuck in
• Helping with bathing and dressing
• Helping with incontinence care
• Assisting with eating
• Dementia and Alzheimer's care
• Providing respite/convalescence care for relatives or full time carers
• Providing medication reminders