Home Instead Senior Care adds voice to global dementia summit

Home Instead joined industry experts at a world leading event focused on defeating dementia.

Paul Hogan, founder of Home Instead, attended the World Dementia Council summit in London along with our UK managing director Martin Jones, to join discussions around improving care and increasing awareness of dementia by 2025.

Today, almost 50 million people around the world have diseases that cause dementia and that number is set to triple by 2050.

Experts believe it is costing the global economy £1 trillion every year. Despite it being a major cause of death, we have no treatments which can prevent, slow down or cure the diseases. 

Paul, who is an active member of the Care Global Team, contributed to a five-year progress report detailing what has been achieved since the last international summit in 2013. 

He said: “From our experience providing care in 12 countries on four continents, we know that relationship-based home care contributes to better care coordination, improved care quality and safety for our clients, and lower healthcare costs, among other benefits. Approximately 60% of our clients are living with dementia and our message is clear – living well with dementia IS possible with the right support at home.”

The report calls for a ‘global standard of person-centred quality care’, increased investment in care research from governments and continued emphasis on driving technology in care.

It states: “No one individual, organisation or country alone can defeat dementia. To improve care today and deliver new treatments tomorrow requires international collaboration.” 

Contributors to the report included Bill Gates, former UK PM David Cameron and founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Maria Shriver.