Coping as a Carer

Over the last few months more people have become carers for a range of reason, the pandemic has pushed people into situations they would not have otherwise found themselves in.

Any carer is likely to have a few unanswered questions when considering both the care they are providing to their loved one as well as the care they owe themselves.

Below are some top tips that might aid you in becoming the best carer you can be. Remember, it is crucial that you have someone to rely on when times get tough.

1) Help them feel good: Like many of us have recently discovered, a new haircut or some new clothes can do marvels for your loved one’s self-worth and confidence, so remember to treat them once in a while.

2) Be patient: Routine is key for a lot of us, finding a consistent care routine can often take time. Staying calm and patient will encourage this to happen whilst also respecting your loved one’s dignity and independence.

3) Accept that they have changed: The person you care for is likely to have changed a lot from the person you knew them to be. This is hard to accept, but it will help you stay in the here and give the best care possible.

4) Take a guilt free break: It’s important to have a break, allowing yourself some time to relax on your own at least a couple of times a month will help give your loved one better quality of care.

5) Accept help: To be able to properly take care of someone else, you need to take care of yourself. When people offer to help you, it’s okay to accept it.

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