Meet the team

Leena Lakhani

Director - Leena Lakhani

Hello, my name is Leena Lakhani, I am incredibly proud to say I am the Owner of Home Instead Senior Care Wembley. I live in our local area with my family and I am a mummy to two beautiful boys and a gorgeous daughter. The three of them keep me very busy!

All my life, all I ever wanted to do was make a difference to people’s lives. As a young girl, I wanted to become a lawyer and help those who were not in a position to help themselves by giving them a voice and access to justice. I specialised in Education Law, helping children with special educational needs and their families to secure educational provision that would allow them to make educational progress and ensure that they could go on to lead a meaningful adult life. I loved every moment of helping these vulnerable children and making an actual difference to the quality of their lives. This is what I believe I bring to our local community of elderly people. I want to make a real difference to the quality of their lives, making it enjoyable, making it fun, making sure they have a smile on their face and ensuring they are happy, safe, independent and comfortable in their own homes.

Home Instead Senior Care is all about making a difference and I am passionate about delivering the highest levels of care.  We are person centred and focus on continuity of care whilst building relationships between the elderly person and their CAREGivers.  Our CAREGivers are chosen on the basis that they will provide a level of care that I would expect for my own loved ones. I am very lucky to run a business that makes an incredible difference to people, their lives and their families. It is very rewarding and I know that if we are looking after you or your loved one, we are going to go over and above to ensure they are receiving the best care possible. We are here to help and I will do everything I can to give your loved ones the highest quality of care they deserve at home. We thrive to provide an excellent service and will never compromise our standards. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Fran Edwards

Registered Care Manager - Fran Edwards

Hello my Name is Fran Edwards and I am proud to say I am the Registered Care Manager of Home Instead Senior Care Wembley.

I am married and Mum to two amazing grown up boys, and a Nana to five very precious grandchildren. I am also a step Mum to five daughters and a further 12 grandchildren. As you can expect, outside of work, my life is very busy.

I started as a CAREGiver in Sussex where I have lived all my life. I started work in care to support myself through College. I fell in love with care and the difference I was making on a day to day basis. 10 years later I still love working with our elderly community and helping those to remain independent and to stay at home. I love listening to their stories, which are often inspiring and I want to make a difference to their lives. There is no job more rewarding than care, walking away and leaving a smile on their face knowing they are happy. I have a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care. I thoroughly enjoy learning and am  the view that you can always learn something new. I still enjoy learning different things from different people.  

I am very proud of the difference Home Instead Senior Care Wembley is making to peoples' lives and the local community. I am very passionate about high quality care and would like every vulnerable person to be looked after, kept safe and to live their lives to the fullest, enjoying their golden years.

Pauletta Wilson

CAREGiver Experience Manager - Pauletta Wilson

Hello my name is Pauletta Wilson and I am very proud to say that I am CAREGiver Experience Manager at Home Instead Senior Care Wembley. I am a Mum to three wonderful grown up children and a Nanny to two beautiful grandsons. 

I became a CAREGiver when I began caring for my father in 1989 just after the birth of my first child. I was working full time as a Legal Secretary, it was a difficult time balancing my time between home, a young family, caring for my father and a career, but it was very rewarding. I decided to give up work as that seemed to be the right thing to do. I made time to care for my father because he wanted to remain as independent as possible and more importantly he wanted to stay at home and did not want to go into a care home. I got closer to my father during this time, he told me lots of stories I had never heard of and I learnt more about his early life in Jamaica. We had a whale of a time.

A year later, I decided to return to work whilst still caring for my father. I applied for a job as a CAREGiver for a Care Company and realised I was making a huge difference to people’s lives. I would always be greeted with a smile and ensure they were happy before I left. It made me happy to see them happy. I had never considered a career in care before caring for my own father but the impact I was making was impossible to ignore and I wanted to give back to other people.

I have my Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care and I have gained many other qualifications throughout my journey in the care industry. I learn something new every day. I am now studying towards my Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care which I am enjoying.

I have found Home Instead Senior Care Wembley to be very different to other care companies I have worked for. The compassion and quality of care is outstanding. My colleagues are amazing and always want to do the very best for our Clients. The CAREGivers always provide care to the best of their ability and want to do more for their Clients, it makes me very proud to be part of this Organisation.

Roma Patel

Recruitment and Administration Officer - Roma Patel

Hello my name is Roma Patel and I am the Recruitment and Administration Officer at Home Instead Senior Care Wembley. I am very proud to be working for Home Instead Senior Care. I researched Home Instead Senior Care before my interview and I was amazed at the brilliant ethos behind the company. I watched my late grandmother receive quick, impersonal care from her carers, so I was relieved that there was a care company like Home Instead Senior Care as my experience of care was very different. My grandmother could not speak any English and many of the carers that visited her were from various backgrounds but none spoke her mother tongue, Gujarati. Everything was done quickly, without consideration of her feelings and she could never communicate her needs which would leave her feeling  very frustrated, upset and sometimes very unwell.

When I started working at Home Instead Senior Care, I saw how clients are given choices of the times they would like their care and preferences for who they want to look after them. Their individual needs are respected and they are treated with dignity. This is exactly what I had wanted for my grandmother and had I known of Home Instead Senior Care at the time, I would have definitely chosen them to look after her. 

My cultural background has taught me to respect my elders and remember that they looked after us when we are young and it is our responsibility to look after them when they are no longer able to.

For this reason, Home Instead Senior Care’s mission statement is dear to my heart as I can see on a daily basis how we are “changing the face of ageing”. We ensure our clients are respected, valued and their dignity and independence are a priority.

At Home Instead Senior Care, I work in the Office helping with the daily administrative tasks and helping to recruit new CAREGivers. I thoroughly enjoy meeting potential CAREGivers. They want to give back to their communities and want to make a difference to the elderly. We look for many attributes, most importantly they are caring, kind and compassionate. Our CAREGiver Team amaze me on a daily basis with how wonderful they are and it is this which makes Home Instead Senior Care so special.

Florina Tat

Administrator - Florina Tat

Hello my name is Florina Tat and I am the Administrator at Home Instead Senior Care Wembley. I have worked here since December 2017 and have loved every minute of my journey.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my time with my grandparents and have a very strong bond with them. I loved being with them, listening to them sharing their memories and spending qulaity time with them. I am very close to my grandfather who I miss terribly as he lives in Romania.Whenever I can we will talk on the phone and he likes to tell me about his day and how proud he is of me.  

When I first arrived in London I used to work as a carer in a Day Centre for young people with physical and learning disabilities. I supported lots of the young people  in their day to day activities. I supported them to complete simple life tasks which was extremely rewarding. We also went swimming with them and that was great fun, because not only did they thoroughly enjoy swimming, it was very rewarding to see how much independence the water gave them. 

At Home Instead I work in the Office, helping with all aspects of the business, but sometimes I go to visit and support our Clients and I really enjoy that as well.

I do believe that with a little bit of more support and care, our elderly community can remain independent and remainin the confort of their own home.

I love the fact that at Home Instead we are trying to make a difference and “to change the face of ageing”. It feels amazing to know that we are making a difference to people's lives every single day.