The Bond Between a Client and a CAREGiver

At Home Instead Southampton, we require visits that last at least one hour. This ensures that our Clients and CAREGivers create the familial bonds that makes our home care so special and unique. Here, we have an insight into one particular afternoon between CAREGiver Sarah and Client C...

"Usually I just go in for an hour in the morning to provide care during his getting up/ washing routine to prepare for the day ahead. This can sometimes be tricky as his Alzheimer's means he can be uncertain as to what's happening and the best laid plans and regular routine can often go awry. Despite everything in the mornings, C is generally cheery when I leave. C always says goodbye and tells me he looks forward to seeing me again."

We have specialised Dementia Care and offer certified City and Guilds training for all our CAREGivers so we can assure our Clients have the highest quality care.

"Even though the morning visit is only an hour, I wouldn't like for people to think we CAREGivers just move on with our days. I regularly think about all my clients during my week and see them all as extended family. I greatly admire C's wife as she has C for the other 23 hours in a day."

All our CAREGivers share the values of treating Clients as if they are their own parents. We try to consistently ask ourselves questions like 'would I be happy if I left my mum's kitchen like that' or 'would I be concerned if my dad was struggling to eat', and then act accordingly to ensure our CAREGivers and Clients are always happy and satisfied with the level of support they both receive.

"Yesterday, I got the amazing joy of spending 4 hours with C. We had a wonderful time so his wife could attend a club and have a well deserved break. We started our afternoon with a hot drink and listening and singing along to a record. C was very happy singing at the top of his voice, and it was such a wholesome, beautiful sight to be a part of. We then went out for a walk in the garden where C admired the pots and pretty flowers. We stopped to speak to the gardener and C immediately put out his hand to shake hands which was lovely to see because C really is such a gentleman."

Singing, crafts, and socialising can have a huge positive impact for people with dementias which is why we run two specialised groups to support not only our clients and CAREGivers, but any members of the local community wanting some support or time away to socialise. We have the Memory Café and the Singing to Remember groups. The free Memory Café starts up again on 22nd of September - we'd love to see you there. And the Singing to Remember group starts up from the 20th of October. We look forward to seeing you there and you'll see how significant and incredible singing, crafts, and socialising can be.

"After our walk it was time for a cuppa and cookie...and admiring the wonderful view from lounge window. C was very animated and the warm afternoon sun shone in on us. We looked through a book about the West Country that I had not seen before - and C told me little snippets about some of the well known places in the book. He also commented on the symbols and numbers on the ship sails which is an area where he is a true expert. It was so lovely to have more time with C so I could learn more about him and his interests and it's so lovely to think how I can pass his knowledge forward too."

"The visit was wonderful, no agitation at all, just a happy client. How lucky I felt to share this afternoon with C, its one I will treasure forever."

We work hard to ensure we match all Clients and CAREGivers. So our CAREGivers are hand-picked for their character and values and are expertly trained to support Clients and their families. We do this to ensure we can closely match their interests, hobbies and personality so they become friendly faces to know and trust. 

Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to enquire about care, or join us as a CAREGiver!