On the 21st of August 2021, our office hosted a very special summer BBQ to celebrate and reward all our incredible CAREGivers.

Cake Competition

CAREGivers brought in their homemade cakes, and we had a competition based on looks, taste, textures, and overall yumminess! They looked absolutely fabulous and tasted amazing. The grand prize of the competition was an astonishing cake made by Sarah Childs who has an outstanding business in cake making and we strongly encourage you to check it out!

Multi-Cultural Theme

We wanted to celebrate our plethora of cultures within the company amongst our CAREGivers. So, we had food brought from many different cultures such as Romanian sausages called Mititei, South African Bobotie, Australian burgers, and traditional English cakes! It felt so wonderful to be able to appreciate first-hand the diversity within our community - and we wouldn't have it any other way!

World Map

As part of the multi-cultural theme, we had a brilliant scratch-off map of the world to see how far we had collectively travelled as a community. We have some members who have been in the navy, or travelled all over with their families, or are immigrants themselves, and it was so insightful to see just how far we have all been.

Signature Purple Cocktail

In addition, the lovely Robin, one of our Field Care Supervisors, got behind the bar and made some magical purple cocktails that would have had any sorcerer captivated. It felt really ethereal to be able to celebrate our big purple family in such a convivial manner.

Kerry Grand Reveal

And last, but certainly not least, Kerry our head of CAREGiver Experience had her grand reveal of her purple hair fundraiser. There was £646 raised overall – including donations from our BBQ. Kerry looked remarkable in her signature purple dress which brought many smiles to all attendees – and we are sure will bring smiles to Home Instead Charities where the donations will be put to good use for a wonderful cause.