A Case Study with CAREGiver Nicky

Here we have an insight into CAREGiving in Southampton written by our 19 year old CAREGiver Nicky whereby she details her experience so far and what she loves most about the role.

"The dictionary defines care as ‘the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something’. But, to those who rely on receiving care, it is so much more than that.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw an attack on vulnerable, sick, and elderly people so severe that it affected every single person. And it has only gone to show how important and how strong the care industry is. Our NHS is overrun, our teachers had no information on what to do, and the care sector was hit hard. Though I didn’t have the experience of care work through a lockdown, I have seen first-hand how integral each of the caregivers are who placed themselves on the frontline of vulnerability. We have rallied for the NHS, we have supported our children when teachers were unable to, but the senior members of society were asked to close their doors and stay inside without contact to protect themselves. Families were unable to visit and help their own frightened parents and grandparents due to the fear of contamination and the severity of the Coronavirus.

And yet, each day, CAREGivers from Home Instead would turn up with full PPE and provide the support, time, and much needed companionship for these most vulnerable members of society. Many would be self-isolating to protect those they would care for; everybody was regularly testing and all of whom would be doing everything they can to make our senior society members’ lives just a little bit brighter in such a dark time.

Though it may be biased of me to suggest, I believe that each CAREGiver and Client is equally as important in the other lives. Many of our clients wouldn’t be able to maintain a steady schedule or any normality in their life without the wonderful men and women who work at Home Instead. And likewise, many carers would not be leading the lives they do today, filled with many new friends and wonderful stories to tell if it were not for the families and Clients we work with.

I have not had much life experience, being only nineteen and growing up with a very protected view of the world thanks to my parents. However, every day that I pull on my apron and gloves and position my face covering, I know that I am about to learn something new and have laugh about it in the process. The stories I have heard and the life tips and tricks that my clients have told me will stay with me forever and each of my clients has changed my life for the better in some way.

Care is the kind of job which I think a lot of people shy away from as they don’t know what to expect; believe me I’ve been there. But here I am gaining experience in a field I had only recently considered and being supported every step of the way by fantastic co-workers and supervisors. We are surviving through a time in each of our lives where we must rely on each other to return everything to normal and care is an industry about companionship, understanding, support, kindness, and patience.

And it’s the most rewarding job in the world."