How to stay Hydrated this Summer

Do you or a loved one you know need to get better at staying hydrated? Follow these steps and you should be feeling hydrated in no time.

Summer is here and the heat can be especially dehydrating for the elderly. Its essential to stay hydrated and healthy during this sunny season. Here are a few tips for the elderly to stay hydrated even when the temperatures soar.

Memory Jogger: Drink Water RegularlyA consistent routine can help make the process of drinking water become second nature. Set an alarm or reminders throughout the day to have a glass of water at regular intervals. Even drinking small amounts at regular times is better than gulping down large amounts at once.

Flavour it Up: Add Natural Flavors to WaterIt can often be difficult for the elderly to drink the same boring glass of water every time. To make it more interesting, try adding slices of fruit such as lemons and oranges, red and purple berries, and cucumbers. This will not only give the water an interesting flavour, but also help extract the minerals and vitamins from the fruit, making the water more nutritious.

Stay Active: Exercise and Stay HydratedAdults aged 65 and above should get at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. However, that comes with the everpresent danger of becoming dehydrated. Make sure to hydrate properly before, during and after exercising, as being dehydrated can have serious consequences. It may even lead to dizziness, fainting and fatigue, all of which can be dangerous for the elderly.

Sticking to a proper hydration routine is the way to go this summer. It is an essential aspect of keeping healthy and can avoid any medical complications down the road.

If you require further information regarding the hot weather, please visit the NHS: Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather – NHS (