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Are you looking for a new challenge or change in career. Home Instead don't recruit for experience, we look more at your personal values and desire to make a difference.

At Home Instead, we welcome applications from experienced care professionals and those new to the care sector. There is no set persona for a Care Professional with Home Instead. We understand that a change of career can happen at any point throughout your life, whether that be straight out of school or in later years. What we do look for when recruiting new Care Professionals, are the desired ‘soft skills’ of an applicant as opposed to the hard skills of technical know-how or specific knowledge.

We are proud of the diversity of our team throughout all offices, and that we are pleased to be able to offer career progression to all team members in order to further their career in whichever way they choose. Our Career Development Pathways are created individually for each employee, tailored to their wants and desires, just like our Personalised Client Plans, to set us all up for success.

In 2023, our internal recruitment team were recognised at multiple awards ceremonies across the UK for their dedication to sourcing new Care Professionals into the sector. With each member having years of experience within the sector, they have met people from many other industries cross into care and watched them thrive within their new role. Our recent #MenCareCare campaign, saw many newcomers of all genders join the team, from the likes of Police Scotland, Teaching & Hospitality. 

LinkedIn’ released an article “The Future Workforce: 10 Essential Soft Skills” in 2023 that revealed that the soft-skills that we seek at Home Instead, such as work ethic & integrity, flexibility, strong social and emotional intelligence & communication are sought after amongst many employers.

For those looking for the next step in their career, the role of a Care Professional at Home Instead can offer a mountain of additional benefits, not only growing those soft skills above, but an opportunity to progress into leadership roles and/or becoming a “Champion” in specialised subjects such as Dementia, & Parkinsons.  We also offer part time working, perfect for those looking to manage studies, caring duties & other responsibilities outside of work. In addition to that, our guaranteed hours contracts offer financial security – a must have post-pandemic – and why not work alongside your friends & family without fantastic Refer a Friend scheme, check out our Google Reviews to find out more..

So, if you’re ready to step into a new role or a student wanting to develop your personal skills don’t hesitate to get in touch, visit our Website, Follow us on Facebook,Instagram & Tiktok & call us on 0141 942 8684 – we have a number of brilliant opportunities available – APPLY NOW.

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