Winter Proof Tips for Seniors

n this instalment, I will be providing you with some self-help tips that will help you to prepare yourself and your home for the winter months. Preparing for cold weather is better than reacting to it when it arrives, and it’s not too early to start planning for the colder times ahead.

Here are some common steps that you can take which you will help you to be winter proof:

  1. Before winter sets in, check your home can be heated safely. Have your heating system serviced and your chimney swept, or ask your landlord to do this if it’s their responsibility.
  2. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector and locate it according to the instructions. Make sure it conforms to the British Standard EN 50291 and carries a British or European approval mark.
  3. Use thermostat valve controls on radiators to turn the heat on and off room by room. A house can take a while to warm up so consider fitting a timer so the house can be set to be warm for when you return home.
  4. Choose clothes made from wool, cotton, or fleecy synthetic fibres. Dress in a few light layers as it will keep you warmer than 1 thick layer.
  5. Purchase a pair of warm boots with a non-slip sole and a warm lining, or wear thermal socks. These boots keep you safe if the ground is slippery and keep your feet warm.
  6. Keep basic food items in the cupboard or freezer in case it’s too cold to go shopping. You could also do your food shopping online and get it delivered to your door.
  7. Write down emergency numbers, such as gas, electricity and water suppliers, plumber, local pharmacy, GP practice, and family members and keep this by your phone.

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