Tips to stay cool in the sun

Whilst many of us will be enjoying the sunshine, we can’t forget that the heat can be dangerous and particularly so for older people.

We’ve compiled some ideas on how to stay cool and safe in the summer sun, whilst still enjoying life…

Be creative to stay hydrated

We know it’s important to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks during the warm weather. Although best to avoid drinks which are high in sugar, why not create your own fruit mixer with diluted sugar-free fruit cordial, fruit and ice? Or you could blend your favourite fruits together and create your own homemade smoothie. Our CAREGivers love spending time creating our client’s favourite drinks to keep them cool in the heat!

Splash and cool

Taking a dip in your local swimming pool is a great way of cooling down in the heat – take a break from your usual laps and enjoy a simple splash around to stay cool. Or why not put the sprinklers on in your garden for some added refreshment?

At home, keep the heat at bay by applying a cool wet sponge or flannel to your body, spritzing yourself with cool water spray or putting cold packs around the neck and armpits. Take a cool bath or shower and splash yourself with cool water.

Cool clothes

Dig out the coolest summer wear that you own. Loose fitting clothing in light breathable materials such as cotton or linen is best. If you go outdoors, don’t forget your favourite hat – whether that’s your summer straw boater or classic cotton baseball cap – anything to keep your head in the shade will work.

Seek the shade

Pick the perfect spot – seek out the coolest areas of your home during warmer weather. Keep curtains and blinds that receive direct sunlight closed to prevent the sun heating up rooms, especially your bedroom. Open windows to let fresh air inside.

Get outdoors if you can but be sure to spend time in the shade when you can. If you go outdoors, apply sunblock with high sun protection factor (SPF) and try to keep out of the direct sun between 11am to 3pm.

Top Tip: If you’re out and about, use a cotton hankie soaked in cool water and place it on the back of your neck and on your wrists to stay cool.

Finally…don’t forget to look out for older neighbours who may be isolated and unable to care for themselves; make sure they are able to keep themselves and their home cool during a heatwave.

If you notice that someone has a heat-related illness, seek help from a GP or contact NHS 111.

For more advice on staying cool in the heatwave visit the NHS website.

Stay cool while having fun with Home Instead – Live Well, Your Way