Tips To Keep The Elderly Safe From Falls At Home

As the winter months draw in it can become quite difficult for the elderly to get out of the house therefore it is essential the elderly prepare their home and themselves to prevent any dangerous falls. Home Instead provides some tips on how the elderly can stay safe within their homes.

Stay Active! – Lack of exercise can cause weak legs, try to keep moving, if you feel strong enough try to get up and stay on your feet around the house. Staying mobile will increase strength and improve balance.

Review Medications – Some medicines can cause dizziness leading to more falls, check them and understand what the side effects could be.

Keep vision sharp – Have regular checks on your eyes, if you struggle to see potential obstacles, this is a potential hazard!

Keep the house clutter free – Having trip hazards around the house is a recipe for disaster; ensure all floors are clear of items

Have handrails installed – Handrails allow you to walk upstairs with some assistance removing the danger of falls, installing lights near stairs also improves vision of where the next step is.

Rugs are dangerous! – Rugs are often a source of trips for the elderly, try to remove them, if not use double sided tape to prevent them from slipping

Grab Bars – Put bars inside and next to bath tubs or showers to aid getting in and out.

Non slip mats – Having these installed in the shower or bath will prevent any slips getting in or out of the bath.

Improve lighting – Having more lights fitted in your home means visibility is better and potential trips can be spotted before they happen.

Wear shoes – Avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers, shoes have much better grip which prevents falls.

Following these small steps for you or a loved one could go a long way in preventing dangerous falls.