Staying Cool Throughout the Summer

Sheffield can be quite a busy city in the summer with the peace gardens full of people and regular markets and festivals held throughout the city. The month of July heralds back to back days of clear blue skies and hot weather enjoyed by many throughout Sheffield. However for older people in Sheffield, the hot weather can pose a great risk to their health. An older person’s body cannot regulate its temperature as effectively as someone who is younger than them; this means that a frequent change in temperature is more likely to affect an older person, resulting with possible heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Home Instead Sheffield South have reacted to the Met office heat wave warning and have established some tips that can help people to cool down during the hot summer days.

  • Hydrate- Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, even when you aren’t thirsty. To keep you hydrated. Sweating from the sun’s heat will result in loss of fluids which Is why you need to drink more fluids. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as these tend to cause dehydration.


  • Smart choices of clothing- Wearing thin and loose fitting t-shirts/shirts are obvious choices of clothing when keeping cool. However more light is absorbed by darker colours which creates more heat energy. So wearing lighter or even white items of clothing absorbs less light creating less heat.


  • Try to avoid going out between 11am and 3pm- Ok so it’s unrealistic to say don’t go out during these times, however this is the hottest part of the day, so limiting the time you are out in the sun could help you keep cool.  We would also recommend sticking to the shade as much as possible.


  • Use water to cool yourself- You don’t have to jump through the water fountain in the peace gardens to stay cool. Take a shower or bath, and if you are going out, use a wet hanky to dab your wrists and neck with; that should do the trick.


  • Shade your face (3) - three letter word, beginning with H… A hat can shade your face from constant exposure from the sun.


  • Windows, fans and great air conditioning- Open windows, use fans, and air conditioning units to keep your house from getting hot. Closing curtains can also shade rooms from the sun’s rays.