Senior Safety on Halloween

For the majority of us, Halloween holds fond memories of dressing up, carving pumpkins and coming how with a bag full of sweets at the end of the night. This is also the case for our elderly population too, however for those with Dementia or other limitations, Halloween may be the cause of negative feelings or fear which could lead to unusual behaviour leading up to Halloween itself.

The thought of strangers knocking on the door in twilight is not something some are fond of therefore keeping our elderly population as safe as possible while actually enjoying Halloween itself can be possible with a few tips from Home Instead.

Safety Tips for the Elderly

  • Keep all floors and entry ways free of decorations
  • Keep rooms and hallways well lit
  • Avoid decorations that block light or view of entry
  • If you think your loved one may be scared, spend the evening with them and be available to help answer the door to keep them safe
  • When sweets have ran out, put a ‘sorry, no more sweets’ sign on the door

If your loved one has dementia or other physical/mental limitation, don’t leave them alone this Halloween

  • Take them to local community events or invite them to spend Halloween at your family home
  • Use professional care services such as Home Instead to help support and comfort your loved one on Halloween
  • Watch a film or listen to music away from the front door to take their mind off what is going on outside
  • Be prepared with books, crafts, favourite foods etc. to enjoy and distract your family member
  • Follow their dietary instructions, avoid over indulgence on chocolate or sweets

Remember Halloween may not be a happy time for the elderly and many can be scared of what is happening outside, be sensitive to what they can tolerate and it could be best to ensure they are safe and enjoying the evening with family.