Preparing your home for the winter

Autumn is on the horizon and the nice weather is seemingly fading away. As the cold nights draw in it is important we keep our homes warm and safe – particularly for the elderly. Winter can make homes which aren’t prepared for cold months and sometimes cause unbearable living conditions for those within them, so here are some tips on how to prepare your home to ensure you have a cosy home to get away from the cold bite of winter.

Look after your boiler

Ensure your central heating boilers are serviced and checked every year. If your boiler is over 10 years old you may want to consider changing to a more energy efficient option.

Reduce draughts

Ensure doors are sealed to prevent heat from escaping and draw your curtains at night to help insulate your windows against heat loss.

Top up your loft insulation

Heat rises and in homes without an insulated loft 25% of heat is lost, having loft insulation put in place now will trap the heat in and can also save money on your energy bills!  The latest government guidelines recommend 270mm (11”) of loft insulation to keep your home well insulated.

Don’t treat radiators as a washing line

Having clothes on the radiator means that heat cannot escape into the room and is instead trapped by the clothes meaning the room cannot get warm.

Empty rooms do not need heating

Rooms that aren’t used do not need heating, by having radiators switched on in only the rooms you use means that savings are made on energy bills and the rest of your house is warm! However, don’t forget to shut the doors of these empty rooms to keep your house warm!