July is National Scam Awareness Month

Call Now To Find Out More About Our Fraud Awareness Talks
Call Now To Find Out More About Our Fraud Awareness Talks

Did you know? A scam is a scheme to con people out of their money. Other names for a scam include fraud, con, swindle and cheat. In fact, each year millions of people in the UK fall prey to scammers and is estimated a total cost to consumers at £73 billion with losses to mass- marketing scams alone of £5 billion.

July is the month that Citizens Advice Bureau host a Scam Awareness Month, in conjunction with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, the aim of this is to raise awareness among consumers around the issues of scams.

This month’s theme is ‘Don’t be Rushed, Don’t be Hushed’, this outlines how consumers should refuse to be rushed by the tactics used by scammers and refuse to be hushed into silence by a sense of shame or weary acceptance. The whole purpose of CAB is to create a community of informed, confident consumers who are alert to the dangers and are assertive in dealing with the out of the blue contact.

Alongside this, the aim of this certain campaign is to:

  • Raise awareness of the extent of scams and the threat they post to finances and well-being
  • Help people to recognise the tell-tale signs of a scam
  • Develop consumer confidence to take time and ask for advice so they make the right decision
  • Raise awareness of how to report scams and encourage people to do this if they spot suspicious activity or have been the victim of a scam

Here at Home Instead, we believe this is an issue which is very important to us and host senior fraud awareness talks Sheffield and Barnsley throughout the year. Our talks go in to more detail about how you can spot the signs that you may be a target of fraud; you also receive a free fraud protection toolkit!

If you would like more information about or services or the talks we host within the community, do not hesitate to call us on 0114 250 7709 or come and see us at our local office!

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