Home Insteads' 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s

Sometimes it is very difficult to tell what Alzheimer’s is and what the signs are

There are a number of diseases that come under the Dementia umbrella and Alzheimer’s is one those which can cause changes in personality and people to behave out of character.

Home Instead has put together 10 Warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Memory Loss that disrupts daily life – Possibly the most common sign is forgetting recently learned information E.G. forgetting appointments but remembering them later
  2. Changes in ability to solve problems – Some may find it difficult to follow a plan or work with numbers.
  3. Difficulty completing tasks at home or work – May experience trouble driving to a familiar location
  4. Becoming confused with time or place – Could begin to lose track of dates, or get confused about what day of the week it is
  5. Experience trouble understanding visual images – For example, They may not realise they are the person in the mirror
  6. Problems following conversations – Could have problems speaking and struggle to find the right word in conversations
  7. Start to misplace things – putting items in unusual places, sometimes they could accuse others of stealing
  8. Poor judgement – may start to make more bad decisions in their everyday life
  9. Withdrawal from social or work life – People developing dementia may stop doing the things they enjoy or remove themselves from work projects
  10. Mood changes – Some can become confused, depressed, anxious or even fearful. They can easily become upset when they are out of their comfort zone.

These tips from Home Instead have been developed to raise awareness of the importance of detecting Alzheimer’s early.

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