Home Instead Sheffield’s Tips To Keep Your Loved One Out Of Hospital

Follow Home Instead's tips to reduce your hospital trips.

Keeping a loved one out of hospital is a really important goal. Neither you or your loved one wants to make that dreaded trip to the hospital.

A set back that causes a loved one to go into hospital can have more complications meaning their condition could decline rapidly, both mentally and physically.

The sad thing about being taken into hospital for the elderly is that sometimes it makes their condition worse or in some cases they don’t come out at all.

We are not saying avoid the hospital at all costs, because a trip to hospital is often necessary to receive medical care.

However, no one wants to swap their comfy pyjamas for a hospital gown if they can help it so Home Instead have provided some tips on how you can avoid that trip to the hospital:

  1. The first thing you can do is use the link below to measure the risk of hospitalisation, using this will help you evaluate the risk factors and identify the resources you can use to reduce risk.


  1. Here are some guidelines for you to follow to give you the best chance to stay away from your hospital

Follow the doctor’s orders – Take on your GP’s advice, they are professionals and know what is best for you

Don’t ignore symptoms – If something seems to be causing you some pain or you don’t feel quite right, visit your GP and get it sorted early to avoid the condition getting worse. It might be nothing, but it’s better to get it checked out.

Reduce risks of falls and accidents – keep you or a loved ones home tidy and clutter free to avoid any trip hazards, ensure hallways and stairs are well lit.

Use the link below to take a look at Home Instead Barnsley’s Home Safety Tips


Physical and mental activity – keep as active as possible in order to keep the simple tasks much easier, the heart and brain are like muscles and need to be used to prevent deterioration.

Healthy Diet – This will keep blood pressure and cholesterol low reducing the risk of any circulatory problems.

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