Home Instead Alzheimer Care Tips

Confidence to Care, A Home Instead Press Publication
Confidence to Care, A Home Instead Press Publication

'But while there is no cure, there is care' this is a powerful line used in Molly Carpenter's, Confidence to Care book, penned as a resource for family carers who are providing care and support for a loved one with Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. The book is a Home Instead Press publication available on Amazon. However Home Instead have recently made some of the books tips available for free, in a recent article in the Daily Express. We have provided some of the tips that were featured in the article, below.

A task should have meaning                                                                                                         

Participating in mental, physical or social activities helps the person feel a sense of purpose. Even if the activity/task is a small one. That sense of accomplishment for a loved one can reduce both their stress and anxiety levels.

Change the mood

Changing from a negative to a positive mood, can be as simple as diverting attention or switching from one topic to another. If your loved one is asking questions repeatedly or is not happy where they are, try recreating their favourite subject or activity.

Keep your loved ones style consistent

Some people throughout their lives have worn a particular style of clothing, whether it is a shirt and tie or t-shirt and jeans. Maintaining the same style will offer comfort and avoid confusion for your loved one.

Maintain a Routine

Regular times for daily activities can help keep structure within a loved ones life. Change a routine only if it doesn't appear to be working

Most Importantly, be patient with your loved one


Regardless of how long it takes and the numerous amount of attempts and techniques used. Keep trying. If they don't work at first then try again after a few minutes . 

Read the full article here or you can purchase the full Confidence to Care handbook from Amazon. The book provides personal stories combined with techniques to manage and prevent the behavioural symptoms associated with Alzheimers and other Dementias.