Free Dementia Workshop Announced in Handsworth

These workshops are specifically aimed at carers/families of people who are living with dementia. They are also proving hugely beneficial to members of the community too; who are eager to learn more about living and working with people affected by this most debilitating disease. Too often elderly living with Alzheimer’s or one of the other forms of dementia are moved into care homes earlier than is necessary, simply because family carers feel unable to cope.

Details of our next workshop are detailed below:

When? 13:00 – 16:00pm , Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Where? St Mary's Handsworth, The Old Rectory Handsworth, 402B Handsworth Road, Sheffield, S13 9BZ

Day 1 of the Workshop will help you:

1. Learn about the causes of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.

2. Recognise the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.

3. Discover how Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are diagnosed.

4. Understand more about the behaviours that can be caused by the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

The feedback from a recent workshop was extremely positive, it certainly served to reinforce the need for these carers:-

"It feels like we have somewhere to go now." - Family carer for her husband.

"On a personal note and having been a carer for over 10 years I can completely relate to this comment, this shows that community training is a massive achievement.  Often, that is all people need to some degree - others who relate and can share their difficulties." - Lee Pearse - ARUK National Dementia Champion and was carer for his mother.

Our workshops are completely free, however, places are limited so we recommend that you either call on 01142 469 666 or email [email protected] to book your place.