Councils opt for low costing home care, over quality care at homeĀ 

The BBC have recently received data extracted from over 100 local councils as part of the Freedom of Information Act, which hasn't settled well with some people. The results of the BBC recent investigation has revealed that local councils are paying less then the industy recognised price for home care. This minimum price is estimated by the UK Homecare Association at £15.19 and is based on training costs, wages and travel expenses.

BBC Radio 4's File on four programme revealed that over 95% of Local councils are actually paying on average £3 less than the minimum price for care quoted bu the UKHCA. Trevor Brocklebank, Chief Executive of Home Instead commented "It's impossible to deliver quality care for the hourly rate that's been offered. You have to cut too many corners, cram too may calls and that's not acceptable" 

At this moment in time, some independent home care providers bid for social care contracts offered by their Local councils, this means that any care provided by the local council is provided by the contract holder. However contracts can be restricting and can potentially drive down the quality of care by "cutting corners" (as Trevor mentioned)

Bryn Evans Franchise owner of Home Instead Sheffield said " we will never commit to shorter call times, we want to meet all our clients needs without being restricted by contracts and shorter call times. Quality care is what comes first".