Our local Community Support

This Video shows the various projects, groups, charities' and community incentives we support locally 

Let's Sing - Intergenerational Music and Movement 
Retford Community Spirit 
Retford Positivity Rock Snake 
Safe space - Helping local venues to become a safe space and support for anyone struggling with their mental health 
Be a Santa to a Senior - Collecting and delivering Christmas gifts to our elderly community
Collecting Brasfor Smalls for All Charity 
The Bygones Tea Rooms at Bassetlaw Museum
Inaugural friendship Lunch
Supporting Local charities including Bassetlaw Hospice
Delivering Dementia and scam aware training to local business
Donating books to our local library
Helping many local people to fundraise 
Raising funds for Alzheimer's society   
Working with Focus on young people, BPL and Carers trustto deliver young carers Christmas Party 
Supporting The Youth Council 

and many more projects along the way with more to come. 

Our Director Vicky Waring is launching her own personal campaign to try and help remove the stigma and judgement associated with Mental Health and Suicide. This ties in with the work she is doing around the concept 'Safe Spaces'. A safe space will be a place people will know they wont be judged, will be safe and signposted to the right help and support. Vicky's aim is to have local venues undertake training so they are trained to help those  who may want to utilise their venue as a Safe Space. Vicky's personal experience with suicide drives her passion to help others who have been touched in any way. 

Please watch this video and share far and wide and let’s together help prevent suicide and remove the stigma.


Stigma - A mark that denotes a shameful quality in the individual or a quality that is considered to be shameful in a certain individual.

Social Stigma - Prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behaviour directed towards individuals with Mental Health problems.

Self Stigma - internalising by the Mental Health sufferer of their perceptions of discrimination.

Source ‘Psychology Today’

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