Dementia Awareness Month

There are currently around 850,000 people in the UK with Dementia, 438,251 thousand of those people live in England. Globally the numbers of people living with Dementia will increase from 46.8 million in 2015 to 131.5 million in 2050, a 281% increase. The cost of Dementia in the UK is expected to more than double in the next 25 years, from £26 billion to £55 billion in 2040. In England, the May 2017 diagnosis rate for the over 65s is 67.8% with the under 65s at 33.6%.

The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language and the changes can often be small to start with, but for someone with dementia they have become severe enough to affect daily life.

Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, for example Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, but not the only one and the specific symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will depend on which parts of the brain are damaged and the disease that is causing the dementia. Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse over time. They can be distressing or challenging for the person and those close to them.

The vast majority of dementias cannot be cured, but research is continuing into developing drugs, vaccines and other medical treatments. There is a lot that can be done to enable someone living with Dementia to live well and at Home Instead we are well placed to be able to support with this and believe this is a right and not a choice.

Our CAREGivers are all trained as Dementia Friends, and will also have opportunity to take part in our very own City and Guilds Accredited Dementia training which allows them better support the person living with Dementia.

We also offer free Family Workshops to anybody supporting somebody living with Dementia.

Our Confidence to Care book is available to loan at Retford Library and gives practical tips and for anybody looking after somebody living with Dementia.

‘Lets Sing’ group, is a group set up in partnership with Jessica Brett, professional singer. This group will use music as a means of communication and reminiscence to help make a difference to the lives of those with memory issues.

If you would like any further information on our services or any of the sessions that we deliver then please get in touch. 01777 712629

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