Keep Warm, Stay Safe, This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for all of us and may be particularly challenging for older members of the community. As the temperature drops in the UK, Home Instead Norwich would like to share some helpful tips on how to look after yourself and your loved ones during the winter:

Book Your Free Flu Jab

If you are aged 65+, you are entitled to a free flu jab from a local GP or pharmacy. Even if you believe you are fit and healthy, it is advised to get a flu jab to protect yourself and others.

Consider Taking a Daily Vitamin D Supplement

We need vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium from our diet. Calcium is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. In the UK we get most of our vitamin D from exposure to sunlight which is reduced in the winter. It may be helpful to take a daily Vitamin D supplement to prevent deficiency. Please check with your GP or Pharmacist first.

Keep Painkillers and Cold & Flu Remedies at Home

Most people are prone to suffering from a cold or flu during the winter months. Keeping some painkillers and cold and flu remedies at home ensures you are prepared to fight off any colds you may face, as quickly as possible! Check with your Pharmacist or GP that your medications are right for you.

Buy & Wear Water Resistant, Non-Slip Shoes

There is nothing worse than wet feet! The roads and paths can get extremely wet and slippery over the colder months so make sure you wear appropriate shoes to avoid any falls or injuries. Many falls happen at home so make sure your slippers fit well too.

Keep a Supply of Food

If you are unable to get to the shops because of bad weather or illness, it can be helpful to have a stock of frozen, tinned or dried food available in the cupboard.

Wrap Up Warm

Ensure you are prepared whenever you leave the house by wearing/packing a coat, gloves, hat and layers.

Keep Moving

Activity can support you in remaining mobile. Sitting still for too long can cause you to feel the cold much more so regular movement will ensure you keep warm

Look After Your Home

Prepare your home for the winter by insulating, getting your boiler serviced and making sure you can access and turn off any stopcocks. Contact your energy supplier and network operators to get on their Priority Services Register.

At Home Instead Norwich our mission is to support people to enjoy health and wellbeing in later life. Each of our clients and their needs and wishes are unique which is why our care services are tailored to each individual.

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