Cousin of Client in Northampton - 15.03.2022

Home Instead (Northampton) has proved to be invaluable to us all. My cousin lives a good distance away from the rest of the family. She employed Home Instead following a stay in hospital two years ago, just weeks before the first Covid 19 lockdown. Since then, her carers have shown concern, care, and competence as they look after her needs each day, enabling her to live, as she wishes, in her own home. We, her family, keep in contact regularly by phone but to know that someone is with her each day is a great comfort, and we can use the app to check on how she is coping.

The carers help her with personal care, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, and will shop for her if the need arises. They also find time to chat as they work - a very valuable activity especially when someone lives alone. We have full confidence in all the staff at Home Instead, carers and admin staff alike, and have often recommended them to others we know in need of care.

Daughter of Client in Duston - 02.03.2022

My mother has been looked after by Home Instead since she had a fall in September 2020 and became severely disabled. Our family is very small and I live abroad, so we were totally dependent on a reliable, kind and professional care team.

Home Instead has really exceeded all expectations. Nothing was too much trouble. The carers were without exception kind, friendly and very good at their job, and I must really praise the office team for being available and supportive with a very "can do" approach at all times.

Eventually, mother has become so frail and liable to falls that a care home with 24/7 care has become inevitable.

However, up to this stage Home Instead went to enormous efforts to provide excellent care even at night for mother, plus carers coming in 4 times daily. We cannot thank the team and the office staff enough! They are really wonderful

Daughter of Client in Northampton – 05.02.2022 -I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the care that you have given to my mum over the last year.

She has benefited greatly from your wonderful, caring, reliable and respectful team and this enabled her to stay in her bungalow longer than we thought possible.

Once again, many thanks to you all.

Daughter of Client in Spinney Hill – 07.02.2022 - I cannot recommend Home instead highly enough.  My 94-year-old mother was able to stay in her own home thanks to the care given by Home Instead CAREGivers.  The small team that looked after her were so dependable and went that extra mile to keep her motivated.  Her mental well-being improved with the stimulation they gave her, especially the sing songs she enjoyed. 

The office staff did a great job under very difficult Covid circumstances keeping us well informed with useful advice.

A very well-run organisation.

Daughter of Client in Weston Favell – 09.01.2022 - A little thank you note for the care you gave my mother.  Although she has left a massive void in our lives, we are so happy that she was able to spend her last years in her own home.  She really did enjoy the morning visits, chatting away in the kitchen. 

I know mum was particularly fond of one of her small team members as they bonded over their mutual love for dogs and caravan holidays.  All the CAREGivers were a blessing and a great help, I will certainly recommend Home Instead to others. Thanks again.

Daughter-in-Law of Client in Headlands – 11.12.2021 - Home Instead took on the care of my much-loved father-in-law shortly after my mother-in-law died nearly five years ago.  The small team of CAREGivers have become like family to him, and their dedication and level of care has been exceptional.  He has mild dementia, and it is important for him to have familiar faces and routine.  Nothing is too much trouble for the CAREGivers, they genuinely care. 

In the office is another team of dedicated staff who support in every way they can, regularly reassessing to make sure the care package is still suitable and liaising with health care professionals.  In recent weeks they have provided invaluable support to me helping resolve funding issues. 

I cannot recommend Home Instead more highly.

Daughter of Client in Weston Favell – 29.11.2021 - The CAREGivers understand dignity, respect, kindness and support the family.
Caring during end of life for my mum, they are trained, courteous, punctual, have humour and skill in building relationships.  I could not have kept mum at home without them, so I am very grateful that they stepped up and took on the challenge.

The administration is so professional and with secure access, I could see the CAREGiver that would be coming, the time they were due and then was able to read the care notes all from my phone.

When we had a family crisis, Home Instead put together support for Mum that meant she could stay at home as this was her wish.
We had regular team of staff who always knew about mums specific needs and wishes, this reassured me, they saw her as an individual not as just another client as the previous two agencies had.

I will be indebted to them for helping me make it possible to care to the end.

Daughter of client in Kingsthorpe - 31.10.2021

A big thank you from my husband and myself for taking care of mum so well.  It certainly main our lives a bit easier and I know she appreciated what you all did for her.  A special thanks goes to her small team of CAREGivers.

Son of Client in Hackleton - 06.10.21 - Quite honestly I am truly amazed at how Home Instead have been able to maintain such a high and consistent level of service over the last year since my Mum and then my Dad became clients.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the whole team during this unprecedented pandemic period and the extreme challenges it has brought.

Your gold dust team of carers are doing you proud and having the office staff ready and able to step in when needed and do such a fabulous job as well is a wonderful asset to the company and allows people in my situation in particular, who  live so far away, to rest a little easier knowing their ageing parents are in the best possible care.

My hat is tipped to you all.

Daughter of Client in Northampton – 20.09.2021 - I employed Home Instead to care for my dad, who has Parkinson's Disease. My dad is recently widowed and lives alone. It is important that carers check on him daily to make sure that he is okay. Home Instead ensure that my dad has taken his medication, he is eating properly, they have even assisted him with going to medical appointments and shopping. The carers that attend to him are very considerate and the social interaction (a cup of tea and a chat) has proved to be so helpful to the wellbeing of my dad. The carers that visit him are very professional and seem to have a clear understanding of my dad's physical and mental state. In addition, the carers have a very positive attitude and seem happy enough to help my dad with his primary hobby: gardening.

Personally, to know that the carers are checking on Dad daily gives our family peace of mind. I can highly recommend the services of Home Instead and the care that they provide.

Son of Client in Kingsthorpe – 24.05.2021 - Since Home Instead took over care for my Dad, I feel a weight has been taken off my shoulders. My Dad looks forward to them coming round. The team are so caring and helpful. Always nice to read the visit reports on the app. Would recommend them to anyone.

Daughter of client in Duston – 29.03.2021 - I can't speak highly enough of Home Instead (Northampton). Every single member of staff is friendly, professional, always punctual, and caring. The caregivers give Mum her medication which is complex. They take her shopping, cook meals, do all household tasks, and even top up the bird feeder and plant
bulbs. Nothing is too much trouble. 

They are very flexible, arranging extra visits to take Mum to medical appointments. Their service has remained totally reliable and uninterrupted during the pandemic which must have been a very difficult time for them. They have far exceeded my expectations. Here's a typical example. About a month ago a caregiver spotted that the pharmacy had sent the wrong medication, an ordinary agency might have asked me to sort it out. Instead, they contacted the pharmacy directly, sorted it out and sent a member of staff to collect the correct medication, keeping me informed all the way. In short, they allow Mum to stay in her own home and keep my mind at rest

DB Niece of Client in Delapre – 27.11.2021 - It has been exactly a month since my dear Aunt passed away.  I could not have imagined all those years ago, when we entrusted my Aunt's care to you, just how much your agency would play a part in her and our lives, even to the point of her last living moments.

Time and time again, we have seen just how efficiently and professionally your Agency is managed. We were kept well informed with regards to visits, payments and changes. There was always someone at the end of the phone for both my Aunt's queries and ourselves and they were all handled with kindness and a real willingness to help in whatever way possible.

Managing my Aunt's Care from Swindon was often difficult, but the arrival of your phone App allowed me to read about each visit and helped me feel so much more connected to her. Without fail, I would read it every day, taking reassurance that all was well and feeling able to share in those moments that her Carer was with her. It proved a great source of comfort for me.

Your Carers proved to be kind and trustworthy. I got to know them through phone calls, as I would often ring whilst they visited and seek their guidance as to what I needed to order for my Aunt's weekly shopping delivery.  We cannot express enough our thanks to them for their dedication to Caring for not only my Aunt, but all the others they look after too.

To know that my Aunt was with her Carer in her last moments has brought me immeasurable comfort. To also be aware that efforts were made to save her and to have all this relayed to me by one of your dedicated team members as it happened, was incredibly emotional, but it meant that at that awful time I did not feel alone.

There has never been a time when you have let us down - not once. We thank you for that. With heartfelt wishes.

RK Daughter of Client in Delapre 30.10.2021 - Thank you so much for looking after mum after her fall at home last Friday.  From the office team who kept us informed and had to juggle and resolve other visits (so the CAREGiver could wait with mum till the paramedics arrived) and the other CAREGivers who this will of affected – we don’t see this but the fact that you managed to sort it somehow is a credit to your company and the care that you show.  Thank you so very much.

JT Daughter of Client in Chapel Brampton – 12.10.2021 -
 With grateful thanks for all the care you gave to mum and the support you always gave to ourselves.  With best wishes to you all and many thanks.

SB Wife of Client in Abington – 30.09.2021 - Just to say thank you to all the CAREGivers and the office staff for the care and kindness shown towards my husband and I during your time with us.  We certainly had some difficult days & I am grateful for the support we received from the whole team.  Thank you.

GR Son of Client in Links View - 11.02.2021 - From the initial assessment meeting right through to the last visit "Home Instead" have provided excellent care form my 98-year old father.  They treated him with respect, kindness and compassion in attending to his physical needs.  We know he was in good hands.

The concept enshrined in the company name "Home Instead" is a brilliant one - dedicated to keeping older people out of hospital and cared for in their familiar home surroundings.

Long may it thrive, I may be needing it one day!

DB Daughter of Client in Weston Favell - 10.02.2020 - Mother and I have been very happy with the care she received.  Her team of CAREGivers got on well with mum and she often referred to them as her "lovely ladies".

Thank you for all the care given to mum over the last 18-months which allowed her to remain in her own home for as long as possible.

SP Niece to Client in Delapre - 05.02.2020 - When I first approached Home Instead to provide caring services for my Uncle, he was very reluctant to engage and as family, we were very worried about how things would work out. 

It worked beyond our expectations from the first visit.  Christine re-assured us that the CareGivers would be carefully selected, and this was key to the success of my Uncles acceptance.  The CareGivers all “got him” and he looked forward to their visits.  In his own words, “they always had time for a laugh and a chat”.

With the help of the CareGivers, we managed to move from high risk of self-neglect to a much-improved quality of life.

As a family, we were extremely well supported and felt that everyone got to know my Uncle as a person.  It helped take some of the worry away from us and it enabled my Uncle to remain in his own home for as long as possible, thank you.

MA Niece to Client in Northampton - 07.01.2020 - We wish to thank you most sincerely for your excellent service and care of our Aunt albeit for such a short time. 

She really appreciated all that was done for her and perked up whenever your CAREGivers came in.

We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to others.

Thank you for your time and diligence in setting up the care package, it was much appreciated.

CH Daughter of Client in Kingsthorpe - 09.12.2019 - We would like to thank all the team for your help and support with Dad to help him remain independently in his own home for as long as possible.  He still speaks highly of Kelly (Quality Assurance Manager) and remembers his CAREGivers fondly.   Once again very best wishes and sincere thanks for all the dignity and support you gave to Dad.

JE Daughter of Client in Brixworth - 27.11.2019
We as a family have been so very happy with the care your CAREGivers have given to mum. It gave us a chance as a family to step back a bit from being carers and I know mum was very fond of the team around her. 

The service your Managers gave to mum and to us helped mum stay at home, this was second to none and we are extremely grateful to you all.

I will be singing your praises.  Thank you all so very much.

SG Daughter of Client in Northampton - 25.11.2019 - Thank you so much for all your help for my mum.  The team of CAREGivers were so lovely always on time and always communicated with us.

The whole team were such a help to mum, they always made her laugh and without that help and care she would not of been able to stay in her own home which is what she wanted.

Thank you all so much.

PC Son of Client in Westone - 25.11.2019 - My mother quickly accepted the help of your CAREGivers provided.  She initially had just Monday to Friday visits, but on the first Saturday she wanted to know why nobody came!  We then included weekend visits as well which was arranged efficiently for the very next weekend.

It was a big help to my brother and myself that your CAREGiver was able to take my mother to the Doctors for planned appointments because neither of us lived close by.

We were completely satisfied with all the help and support you gave our mother to allow her to remain in her own home for longer.

Thank you to all concerned.

BR Daughter of Client in Spinney Hall - 09.09.2019 - Thank you all for your care, patience and love with both mum & dad.  I really appreciate all you have done for both of them over the last 18-months.

RH wife of Client in East Hunsbury - 27.08.2019 - I would like to thank all of you for the care that you gave to my husband over the last year.  I only have admiration for you all especially getting him to accept personal care.  Obviously his condition deteriorated and you all had to cope with this, which was not an easy task. He spoke most highly of you all whilst in hospital.  Thank you again for all your love and support.

KS Daughter of Client in Abington - 06.08.2019 - Thank you so much for all your care, commitment and diligence with Mum.  Due to your care Mum was able to stay at home as long as possible and I know that your kindness meant a lot not just to mum, but to the rest of us as a family. Immense gratitude, love and kindest thoughts to all your team members.

SG Daughter of Client in Harpole – 08.02.2019 - It is now five weeks since our mother fell at home and she has sadly deteriorated quite a lot and in spite of our best efforts she has not managed to regain the skills she needs to live at home.

We have to say we have been hugely impressed with Home Instead from start to finish. The care you took in making your assessment of Mum inspired confidence and the careful matching of CAREGivers to Mums personality made it a great success. The CAREGivers provided exceptional support to Mum with real loving care and humour, enabling her to continue to live at home.

The Admin Team to make this all happen have been wonderful - responsive, effective and always ready to listen, providing genuine kind-hearted support.  Please convey our grateful thanks to the whole team.

I’ve been back and forth a few times to see Mum lately and it was really pleasing to see the successes the CAREGivers have had. Mum seems to be eating a good meal and drinking fortijuice every day, which seems to be helping her mental state - it’s all relative! I was also impressed with how Sarah managed to get Mum out of a jumper during the heatwave!What’s most pleasing is Mum’s attitude towards ‘the ladies’ as she seems to like everyone coming in to visit her.Whatever Tina, Sarah and Tanya are doing is working, so please pass on my thanks to them. ’’

EJ Daughter of Client in East Hunsbury 12.07.2018

As a client’s daughter I just wanted to express what a fantastic relationship my mum has with her main two CAREGivers.

My mum is anti-care, so to speak and still believes she can do everything for herself and thinks she can walk miles unaided.

Over the last few weeks Jasmine has been taking my mum to the mobility shop to try and encourage her to use something to aid her walking. Much to my relief on the 5th visit they purchased a rollator which now helps mum mobilise more easily. I visited the Mobility Shop this week with mum and the Salesman pulled me to one side. He said “Jasmine has so much patience with my mum & has never seen nothing like the bond they both share and how lovely she is with my mum”.

Mum has never let any of us support her in anything she does including personal care. Jasmine has since took mum out shopping to Rushden Lakes where she allowed Jasmine into the changing room and managed to get my mum fitted up with a new bra!!

The above has obviously taken a couple of years of trust building but the bond they both share is amazing and for me Jasmine is nothing short of a miracle worker.

I don’t worry about my mum when I am at work as it has become very evident that both Jasmine and Margaret care about mum just as much as I do.

Thanks again for everything you do, I just needed to let you know.

CK - Singing for COPD Group Northampton 12.07.2018

CK contacted the Home Instead Northampton office to say that she was absolutely amazed at how wonderful one of our CAREGivers Donna is with one of our clients.

When CK knew that Donna was not a relative, she was so surprised as the empathy, understanding, patience and reassurance Donna shows to the client is absolutely outstanding and in fact amazing!

CK felt she had to pick up the phone to call us and asked Donna for the contact details of the office. CK thought that they were Mother and Daughter as they share a wonderful relationship.

CK a BIG Thank You from the HISC office team for taking the time to recognise the exceptional qualities of a member of our team.

Tammy Doherty CAREGiver 03.07.2018

I joined Home Instead in March and I love working with the elderly they make me smile, it is such a pleasure being part of such a lovely company who help you balance a good work and family life.

I have three boys and as a single mum this job fits perfectly around my life style. It is a totally different job as I was a hairdresser for 24 years and worked in a care home a few years ago doing the elderly clients hair. This was where I found my passion to work with them on a more one to one basis.

I love my job and I am so please I came across Home Instead Northampton.

MB friend of client in Westone 05.07.2018

Just to say I am very pleased with how caring and helpful my friends CAREGivers are to her. She is always very happy to see them and as well as doing her meals etc, it is lovely that they also have a nice chat with her.

Thank you for all you and the CAREGivers at Home Instead are doing on a daily basis as this is enabling her to remain independently in her own home.

Beverley Thorpe CAREGiver 29.06.2018

I have been with Home Instead now for approximately 3 months now and absolutely love it. I did the same job for 30 years working nights with long hours, little sleep, lots of travelling with no quality of life. It was getting me down. I decided on a brand new career and joining Home Instead was the best decision I made.

The company are excellent! From the time I walked through to door, to the training, the continuous support and such a friendly and welcoming team, I knew I had made the right choice.

I am a caring person who likes helping people and a very good listener so to be able to brighten up someone’s day and make such a difference is wonderful to see and so rewarding.

I haven’t said this for a very long time but each morning I get up now, I can honestly say “I love my job”.

Lisa Goody CAREGiver 27.06.2018

I have been a Caregiver with Home Instead since April 2018 and it has proven to be the best decision I have ever made. Stepping through the doors of anywhere new can be very nerve racking, but the minute I did, I was made to feel so welcome. Everyone I have met so far has been fantastic, and the support and training you receive is second to none. You don’t just feel like part of a Team, you feel like part of a Family.

To make a difference to a client’s day is what going to work is all about. I can honestly say I have the best job in the world and am extremely proud and privileged to say I work for Home Instead.

SW Daughter of Client in Great Houghton - 23.04.2018

I would take the opportunity to say how very grateful we are to the HI team for the care that is provided to my dad. Theresa does a great job of scheduling in all the visits, appointments and changes; all the other office staff are always helpful, kind and proactive; and dad’s carers are truly special people.

It has been a very difficult time since we lost mum in August 2016, and then Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. When I felt as if I really couldn’t cope, Home Instead saved my sanity and have enabled Dad to stay living at home, visited by people who are genuinely kind and caring.

Please do tell all the team how grateful we are and well done to you for running such a great company that provides such a worthwhile service.

HC Daughter of Client in Upton - 18.04.2018

The family would like to thank Home Instead for all the exceptional care they have provided for mum over the years.

Mum's CAREGivers became became part of the family and their kindness and dedication helped to make her last years happy and comfortable.

H M Daughter of Client in Moulton - 23.05.2018

Please will you pass on my thanks again to the lovely ladies who looked after my mum over the last 2-years. Mum always said everyone was good & kind.

I was so sad that we had to change things. The care she received from you all was absolutely excellent. Mum’s individual needs and preferences were always provided for, and the CAREGivers always did their best to get mum out of the house whenever they could.

They were enthusiastic but always gentle in their attitude to caring for her, and that care and support was what enabled mum to stay in her own home for so long.

The whole team always went the extra mile whenever when I needed to make changes or add extra visits, which became increasingly frequent as mum got frailer. Help with dentist visits to replace lost false teeth(!), doctor’s appointments, etc, I could not have kept her at home without that support.

Thank you all once again and Good Luck for the future to all at Home Instead.

6-month QA Review, Feedback - 28.02.2018

Kelly Mennim, Head of Client Experience has just carried out a 6-month review at a client’s house. When Kelly assessed BA 6 months ago, he did not want care BUT was persuaded by his family to give it a try.

BA said this morning he doesn’t know how he ever managed without HISC and he absolutely loves his CareGivers, especially Alison and Janet. BA now has bacon sarnies most mornings and has started going back to lunch clubs etc because he feels smart and ready for the day once the CareGiver leave.

Kelly said “It was so nice to see him come full circle and be beaming”!

BA also said that “Jess his new addition to his team is doing great and she is very caring and kind”.

Kelly commented “It is always nice to see such a positive difference in a client”.

DB Niece of Aunt living in Delapre - 13.02.2018

"May I take this opportunity to say how much benefit my Aunt is getting from your care. She particularly talks about her main Carer Susan and how much help and companionship this lady has brought to her life. We live in Swindon, so are unable to visit often. As my Aunt's health declines, it is an enormous comfort to know your reliable and efficient Agency are involved in her care and are providing pretty much a "lifeline" in my Aunt's world. It is a blessing you have managed to match her with Susan, who my Aunt greatly respects and gets on so well with. We visited on Saturday and couldn't believe how much progress Susan had made with my Aunt on tidying up her house!"

HMcD Daughter of client in Moulton - 19.12.2017

I just wanted to pass on my very grateful appreciation for all the care, companionship, communication, appointment re-arrangement, calamity management and birthday flowers you and the Home Instead team have provided to us this year - there is no way we could keep mum at home without the fantastic service you offer.

Mr A - Son of client Weston Favell - 12.12.17

I wanted to express my thanks to yourself and all the office staff I have spoken to over the past 20 months for always helping me out with bookings, cancellations and any enquires I have had, everyone has always been very professional but also very caring about mum, and that has always been appreciated.

Secondly I wanted to let you know how good both Val & Shirley (and Veronica on her rare visits) have been with mums care. I know that without their help I would have struggled to of kept mum at home for as long as I did. They always had a smile when they went to see mum of a morning and always managed to get the best out of mum. They would always keep me updated if there were any issues they found that needed my attention.

Above all it was quite obvious that they cared about mum, they do not treat caring as just a job, these are three women that genuinely care about the person they are looking after and that came across every time they were with mum.

It is so rare to find people that do a job as a vocation, but Val, Shirley & Veronica are three of those rare people.

Please pass on a very big thank you to them from the bottom of my heart and tell them to never stop doing what they do, it makes a MASSIVE difference to peoples lives.

M McN Son of client in Northampton - 06.12.17

I'd like to say a big thank you for all the things Home Instead have done for my Father, it has really helped him stay at home for longer than we could have ever thought.

Everyone I have encountered from Home Instead has been highly professional, friendly and caring.

A special mention to CAREGivers Patrice and Sarah who over the past few months have probably had to deal with some of the most challenging times with my Dad.

SK Daughter of client in Abington - 06.12.17

Over the past 6 years the Home Instead CAREGivers became our mother’s extended family and without their amazing dedication she would not have managed to say in her family home as were her wishes.

My family would like to thank everyone in the office for all their help over the years, keeping us updated, supporting us with difficult decisions and generally the smooth running of increased care.

An extra special thanks must go to the incredible CAREGivers, we will not forget their kindness and tenderness towards our mother in her last few months and weeks. We shall continue to recommend Home Instead as we have done over the years.

RO brother to client in Grange Park - 04.11.2017

Due to my sister relocating to be closer to me, may we both take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent service you all extended during the visits with of course special thanks going to Sue.

TW Daughter of Client in Abington - 06.11.2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at Home Instead for their kindness, thoughtfulness and caring manner in both looking after dad and also Mum.

I would like to give a big thank you too for all the help and support I have received when contacting the Home Instead office team. Each time I spoke with a member of staff they always made me feel that they had time to listen and help without making me feel rushed or silly in what I was asking or talking to them about.

Once again a big thank you.

Mrs L - Grand-Daughter of Client in East Hunsbury - 15.09.2017

To all you lovely people in the office. Thank you for always picking up the phone, for trusting my judgement and respecting my wishes. Thank you to the CAREGivers for loving Nanny, you have all been wonderful.

Mrs T - Daughter of client in Spinney Hill - 30.09.17

I would like to say a big thank you to all the carers for all the care and kindness that was shown towards my mum. Also thank you to the office staff who always gave great support, all the staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy with all aspects of the care mum received.

Once again my grateful thanks to you all.

Mrs P - Daughter of Client in Cogenhoe - 11.10.17

I am writing to say a BIG thank you to Home Instead for the care given to my late mother. In the 3-years you provided care for my my mum you never once let her down & the carers became part of her extended family. Mum loved being in their company, it was as important to her as the help they were giving and I think they knew all about us as a family from mum.

Once again thank you to your office team and many thanks to mum's carers who are a credit to Home Instead.

SB - Niece of Client in Northampton

We would like to thank all of you for the excellent care an communication throughout the care for our Uncle.

Your carers ensured he was well looked after and he was very fond of Shirley and Karen who always cheered him up!

We will continue to recommend you to people and once again thank you all so very much.

Son of Client in Northampton

On behalf of my brother & I, may I take this opportunity to pass on our sincere gratitude to the care team both in mum's house and back in the office who, for the last 16 months or so, have provided mum with dedicated, professional and compassionate care that has enabled her to live these months with dignity and happiness.

Nothing was too much trouble for them for which we are eternally grateful.

Nephew & Niece of Clients in Abington

Thank you ALL for the organisation and support you gave to our Aunty & Uncle over recent months. Your kindness and care was much appreciated by them and by us. We know it was difficult at times!! We would recommend you without hesitation. Many thanks again.

Son of clients in Brampton

Many thanks to you and your staff for the care and conversation you gave my parents over the past 2-years. I know they both appreciated the company - as did we. Thank you.

TB CAREGiver at HISC Northampton

A big shout out for HOME INSTEAD who are 'Top dog for me'. I shall not forget the personal effort and sacrifice by individuals given willingly to try and enable a care package for my mum. You have restored my faith in humanity. Thankyou

PB Daughter & Sister of Client in Great Billing

We just wanted to write to say thank you for all that you have done for my sister during the difficult time of her illness. With your care for our mother my sister had peace of mind which allowed her to focus on herself. We also know she was very keen for you to support her when she was at home so it was greatly appreciated by both her and the family that you were able to provide care, even though it turned out to be only for a short period of time. So on behalf of my sister and mum and all the family we just wanted to express our gratitude for the efforts you went to, to provide care for her.

DV Daughter of Client in Spinney Hill

To all the staff at Home Instead & my mums regular CAREGivers who cared for mum over the last 3 years before she recently moved into a residential home. I really appreciate the help you gave us. You never let us down once.

Thank you & best wishes to you all.

SL Daughter of Client in Boothville

I would like to express my thanks with regards to the care given to my father by Home Instead it has been amazing. Particular thanks go to Natalie for all her help with Dad and his regular carers Denise and the two Ian’s!

I would highly recommend Home Instead, the care and professionalism has been second to none.

Many thanks.

CH Niece of Client in Abington

From the first call I made to Home Instead (enquiring about the possibility of help for our Aunt when she came out of hospital), I felt that I was speaking to a company that genuinely cared about providing a first class, professional service. This has been borne out through the first meeting with a Home Instead representative, to the choosing of the most appropriate team of caregivers to support our Aunt through to the calls I've made to the office about related issues. The care provided gives the family great peace of mind.

Having spoken with my Aunt she quoted “I am totally satisfied with the care I get. Each of the caregivers respect my dignity and complete any task I need help with willingly and thoroughly. They are unfailingly courteous and friendly. I can't fault any aspect of the care provided by Home Instead."

Mrs VD - Daughter of Client in Duston

I would just like to say how much I appreciate your work from the very caring helpers to the staff in the office who have been so good at keeping me up to date with anything the carers have been concerned about. Without your services mum would of needed residential care months ago - and which she fought against - but now her mobility is so poor she has to accept.

I have and always will speak highly of you to friends and recommend your agency to anyone who asks about care in the future.

A huge thank you to everyone.

Ms N C - Daughter of Client in Abington

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all your staff for their co-operation, understanding and efficiency in providing care for my mother. Every member of the team who I dealt with, whether on the phone or personally, was excellent. I know my mother would want to add her thanks to this. Please let everyone know how much their work is appreciated.

Mr S - Abington

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent care my mother has received in the last six-weeks or so. All your staff, both CAREGivers and office staff cannot be faulted in any way. My mum certainly received care of the highest standard and I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who needs your services.

Again, many thanks for all you and your team have done for us.

Veronica - CAREGiver

Its wonderful to be able to make a positive difference to someones life and a privilage to enable them to stay in their own homes with dignity and respect.

Kelly - CAREGiver

Being a CAREGiver gives me a reason to smile everyday - other than my children. I hope my clients know how much I take from our time together, its so beneficial to me and I love the relationships we have built, which are now budding friendships.

Louisa - CAREGiver

Not everyone can finish their day's work knowing they have made a positive difference to someones day or life! I can!

Tina - Senior CAREGiver

I joined Home Instead Senior Care Northampton nearly 2 years ago and I can honestly say it’s one of the best companies I had the pleasure of working for. The support you receive is outstanding and if you are interested in making a career and receiving qualifications, training opportunities are always available. It’s a great team and I could not be happier being part of it.

Natalie- Quality Control Supervisor

Home Instead takes on the ethos of home based family involved care. Coming from a totally involved and loving family environment I thrive in extending my 'family' into the community and the rewards are both rewarding and heartfelt. Teamwork and communication is paramount and here at Home Instead the balance is met and 'our family' is growing.

Marcia - Senior CAREGiver

The ethos of Home Instead is what I had been looking for when I decided I wanted to work in the Care community. It was a decision that I am so pleased I made. The company care as much about their staff as they do their clients. That care in my opinion is the best. That is why I give them 5 stars! The office staff always supports the care givers and always have time to help regardless how busy they are. The training is second to none and my lovely clients make each day a joy.

Jean - CAREGiver

I have worked with Home Instead for 18 months now. The best decision I have made! I enjoy my work and have lovely clients.

Karen - Senior CAREGiver

What does it mean to be a CareGiver? - It means providing the right type of care to suit individual needs. Helping people stay in their own homes and retain as much independence as possible, giving them the choice to live as they want, within their own familiar surroundings. Supplying freindship, comfort and help to people who are lonely, worried or unable to look after themselves. TO CARE!

Jo- Senior CAREGiver

What does it mean to be a CAREGiver? To be able to empathise and give high quality care based on knowledge, training and experience or if new to the job then life experience, along with compassion, kindness, common sense and duty of care.

AT Home Instead its very rewarding and enjoyable work. You actually have time to get to know people and their families and give high quality care to meet their physical, emotional and social needs.

Katrina- CAREGiver

Deciding to work for Home Instead Senior Care was the best decision I have ever made! It's not just a job to me, it's my passion to provide care to those who need it and Home Instead helps me fulfil my dreams and makes me feel appreciated in everything I do. It really is a pleasure to work for them, I am so very thankful of all the opportunities given to me by this wonderful company.

MA son of Client at St Crispins, Duston

On behalf of my sisters and I, I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the very high quality of care provided by the Home Instead team to my mother over the past two years. They were a source of comfort to her, and their daily presence also provided our family with a welcome degree of assurance that her needs were being properly met. All of the care team we met over the two years were very professional and although there are a few to name, I would particularly like to mention our appreciation for the work done by Hannah and Marcia, the level of care and attention they displayed was above what we could have expected. So once again, thank you to everyone at Home Instead and I hope your business continues to grow sucessfully.

GW, Husband of client in Kingsthorpe

I just wanted to say a special thank you to you all now that care has finished for my wife.

“I am a Director of a Wholesale Distribution Company. My wife unfortunately required a full hysterectomy. My concern was “How do I continue to run my business and look after my wife during her recovery?” I also have 3 giant breed dogs which further complicated the situation. I discovered Home Instead and asked for help. Chloe visited me at home and we discussed the situation. Chloe understood my needs and fully detailed how the company could help. She produced a very comprehensive and detailed care plan. When my wife was discharged from hospital the carers were there for her from the start, getting her up, dressed, prepared meals and much more, and really looked after all my wife’s needs. Later in my wife’s recovery they were able to help her become more independent and able to look after herself. I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all the people at Home Instead for all the concern, help and special care given to my wife, for the professionalism shown, and I feel sure that my wife’s recovery went so well because of the help from Home Instead. Many thanks again GW.

SW - Grand-Daughter of Client in Cogenhoe

Thank you for accomodating our need for care for my nan. Your first meeting with her was very nicely managed and she certainly warmed to you and the idea of having a carer visit her. We are all keeping everything crossed that things continue that way and her children can step back from the day to day tasks and 'mini crises' and relax a little. Thank you.

RC - Wife of Client in Kingsthorpe

Thank you for all the friendliness and care it was outstanding. My husband was very happy with both his carers and it made it easy for me to leave him knowing he was in capable hands.

Keep up the good work and I will recommend you always. Thanks again.

SB Daughter-in-Law of Client in Abington

I would just like to thank Home Instead for providing a professional care service with a real personal touch for my mother-in-law.

We were attracted to this company as we wanted continuity for her and they assured us that the same carers would attend on a regular basis. This was the case and this enabled a relationship to build between the two. Many thanks and I would certainly recommend you or use you again in the future.

TM daughter of Clients in Boothville

It is impossible to fit on to this card enough words to express my gratitude for all you have done for us. The professional care and loving attention show to mum & dad not to mention the fun and laughter brought into their lives by their exceptional carers was invaluable. Without Home Instead, life for all of us would of been more difficult and mum and dad certainly wouldn't have been able to stay in their own home for as long as they did. Your care regularly extended to me. You helped me through some very stressful and emotional times with your patience and empathy, I am extremely grateful.

Many, many thanks to you all.

CA Son-in-Law of Client in Weston Favell

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were to hear about Debbies Award. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a good team of CAREGivers helping look after my wife's father and in some ways pinpointing one person can seem a bit unfair to the others who also do a very good job. However ....... Debbie is a very special person. Every call, whatever the circumstances is approached in a very calm, gentle, thorough and totally professional way. She is a very warm hearted, happy and caring person and I know my In-Laws look forward to her visits. Thank you.

DH - Daughter of Client in Kingsheath

I am writing to thank you all for the brilliant care you gave to both my parents.  Every member of your staff were so polite and helpful and every effort was made to accommodate our ever changing needs.  Lisa was great, Trish had to handle some very difficult situations and we are so grateful for everything she did for our dad.  Marcia was so warm and caring, not only for mum bur for the family too. We could not of asked for more dedicated, caring people to assist.  My only regret was that I wasn't able to persuade mum to let you help sooner.  Many thanks.

AC - Daughter of client in Kingsthorpe

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the help and support you give my father.  As a family we find his condition very upsetting and it means a great deal to us all to see him happy and settled in the company of others. 

Mr D C - Son of late client in Hunsbury

Home Instead Senior Care looked after my mother who had late stage Dementia for approximately 9-months. During that time I was very happy with the level of care that my mother received and I know my late father was too.  All the girls showed my mum the highest level of love, care and resect possible and went above and beyond of their requirements.Everyone was very professional and I don't think we could have found a better care company for my mum.  I would undoubtedly recommend them.

Mrs M & Mr A - Wife & Son-in-Law of Client in Abington

We would like to thank Carrie & Richelle very much for the lovely day we spent with you during the Moving & Handling Family Workshop.  We both enjoyed it very much & did not feel any pressure & did the best we could.  We both found the day most rewarding and it will help us a lot when caring for B.  You taught us the right way!  A big, big thank you to you both.

Family of Client in Spinney Hill

"Thank you" does not seem to be adequate enough. However, other than to say that we as a family are grateful and appreciate of all the care received from Home Instead. It still comes down to saying "Thank You" for your hard work and efficiency. My mum felt safe in your care. She may of had a lot of anxious moments regarding her health, however she ended her time with us, inwardly strong and in very good spirits. Thank you all once again for the care and support received.

Mr G (USA), Son of Client in Moulton

 We just wanted to write to you and compliment two of your staff who take care of my mother.  It can be a difficult job but both Tina & Pauline are highly dedicated, caring and compassionate people and do a wonderful caring job for mum.  We have had the pleasure in meeting them during our visits and cannot praise them enough.We believe that your company is very fortunate to have two such wonderful people and we appreciate all they do, backed up of course by yourself and other staff.  Thank you for all the good and kind work you do for our mum. 

Mrs F, Clients Daughter, Great Billing Village

We very much appreciate the care service provided by your company for my mother whilst we were away on holiday.  It meant that we were able to have a relaxing break, knowing that she would be well cared for.  Please extend our thanks to all the ladies involved for looking after my mother so well!

DW Son of Client at Sywell

Since engaging Home Instead to care for my elderly mother I have been very impressed by the way the company is run and the level of service they provide.  The office staff are always prepared to go the extra step to give a service and the carers are always friendly, helpful & pleasant. I have recommended the company to others and would do so again without hesitation.

GB & AM Daughter & Son of Client Abington

What would we have done without you!  From when dad first received your care, until the end, we knew that we were in good hands.  Our, (sometimes desperate!) calls for help were, without fail, dealt within a friendly, efficient manner.  The carers you sent to us have been amazing; supporting us so well and giving us the strength to keep going, whilst giving excellent care to dad.  We were so fortunate to find you.  Many, many thanks.

KK Daughter & EK Client - Upton

Discovering Home Instead has been like finding that ‘Pot of Gold’ at the end of the rainbow! My 81 years young Mother’s family all live quite a distance away and sadly, regular visits aren’t always possible. Each and every one of her carer’s have lit up Mum’s life with the thoughtfully matched individuals who bring so much more than the day to day care. I know that this probably sounds a little ‘airy fairy’ but all of you – the whole team are like earth angels! The so called ‘care’ agency Mum had before May just doesn’t bear thinking about in comparison to the delight and peace we all feel now.  We know that Mum is being cared for by a lovely, gifted team and we thank you.   I am in complete & utter agreement with everything my daughter has written above and so much more. When we first met Carrianne we knew that we’d stumbled upon treasure!  Chloe, Christine, Danielle, Maria, Jessica and Leticia are real gems and I appreciate them as individuals and for absolutely everything they do.        

SW Daughter of Client in Spinney Hill

I and my mother cannot thank your staff enough for their care.  It was very, very much appreciated.  "Thanks" and "Thank you" do not seem adequate enough words.  But we are extremely grateful.

KB friend of Client - Kislingbury

Once again, thank you so much for the services provided through Home Instead.  The girls, especially Maria were wonderful.  CC thought very highly of them all. 

TP, Son of Client, Sywell

I wanted to send you a short note in regard to the help you gave me and my mother with the care of my father.  We will always be grateful for your help in allowing my dad to spend quality time at home.  The last 18-months were difficult especially for my mum but you, Jan and everyone provided professional and compassionate support.  I will always recommend your Company and wish you all luck in the future.

Mr K Northampton

As a family we were highly satisfied with the service offered by Home Instead. The initial needs assessment was executed speedily, thoroughly and comprehensively. The evaluation of suitable carers was sensitively handled, and the eventual service provided by the carers was of high standard. This was the first contact between the family and Home Instead for temporary carers, and we anticipate returning again.

Mrs K.K

We are so impressed with all the carers and the fantastic job they are doing. We really can't thank them enough for all their time and dedication - it has made a huge difference to Rosemary, the family and friends.

Mrs Suzy W (France)

Overall I am very happy with the care Home Instead have provided so far & I hope it will continue. I am particularly pleased with Richelle Clark (Care Manager), who always is very prompt in replying to my e-mails and manages to put my mind at rest when I have had any anxieties. I also appreciate that scheduling the care is always dealt with to fit in with my travel arrangements.

Mrs W L

Home Instead have provided a courteous, efficient and professional service to my father who has always appreciated in particular their fastidiousness in respect of time keeping. The organisation has been responsive to our changing care needs, accommodating a dramatic extension and reduction in cover as required. I have also appreciated that Home Instead are readily accessible by phone to answer any queries, concerns or to respond to additional information from their clients and family members. All e-mail correspondence is answered promptly. They have been careful to check that my father has been happy with the individuals providing the care and the service generally and I have been confident that I would be kept informed of any concerns which arose. Home Instead is an organisation whose services we can definitely recommend.

Mr R, New Malden

My mother and I have had excellent service from Home Instead. We have found the staff really care. My mother looks forward to the visits as giving her some real companionship as much as the tasks they do for her. I have found Home Instead excellent in keeping me informed, forming a real partnership in care for my mother.

Mrs W, Towcester, Northamptonshire

My family and I have been using Home Instead for 2-months now to take care of our mother who is 88-years old.The previous care company did not adhere to the care plan that was drawn up with them.  Home Instead listened to our requirements and have carried them out.  Their care means that mum can continue to live in her own home and we have the security of knowing that she is safe and well looked after.Thank you Home Instead.