World Smile Day

The 6th October marks two national celebrations- World Smile Day and National Poetry Day. We love seeing our clients smile, so we wanted to share some with you too!

Friday 6th October marks two national celebrations- World Smile Day and National Poetry Day. At Home Instead Northampton, our favourite thing is to see a smile on our client’s faces. A smile means happiness, it means our clients are receiving the care and support they want and need.

A smile could appear when a client feels understood. It might be where a client is able to stay in their own home due to the support of their Care Professionals. A smile may happen simply from the joy of a Care Professionals visit.

At Home Instead Northampton we love to get to know our clients and find out about everything that makes them smile. We do this from the first initial consultation, and assessment all the way through the service and care they receive. This could be the big things like family, friends, hobbies, and the places they like to go. All the way down to the little things like how they like their tea, what music they listen to, what newspaper they read each day, to what their favourite treat is.

To mark such a lovely day, we wanted to share some reviews, comments and photos from our clients and care professionals about ways that Home Instead support them and help to make them smile:

“My aunt has been using Home Instead (Northampton) since her Alzheimer’s diagnosis last October. She lives alone and is visited daily for medication witnessing, general tidying and cleaning, trips to the shops and garden centre and general companionship. All the ladies are kind, caring and very flexible, accommodating trips to the doctors and assisting with broken door locks, even organising a locksmith. The ladies ensure she has fresh food and prepare a hot meal and drink each day. Home Instead (Northampton) have made suggestions to assist my aunt, such as a whiteboard where they record who is coming when and what activity they have planned – shopping, keep-fit, etc. I live 40 miles away, so their visits give me peace of mind that my aunt is safe and well, and their daily notes, accessed through the app keeps me updated on what she’s done. Their visits mean she has been able to continue living independently, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.” – Louise W (Niece of client)

“Home Instead provides my Dad with excellent care. They have been looking after him for 3 years now and we are very grateful for all that they do. Always on time and very caring and compassionate. His team really are amazing. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for Dad to stay at home. Office staff are always at the end of the phone to discuss any concerns and to offer advice. We believe Dad is getting the best care and we are very happy with Home Instead. Many Thanks to each and every one who looks after Dad.” – Sarah F (daughter of client)

“Home Instead have been giving excellent care to my Dad (in his 80s with Parkinson’s disease) for 2 years. The Carers visit my Dad for an hour each day. The work they cover within one hour is a miracle: check medication, make lunch/dinner, help with household chores, taking him to medical appointments, help with shopping, and as my Dad is a gardener: help with seeding and watering plants. The carers are polite and sociable and this has made the process of integrating their services into my Dad’s daily life easy. Home Instead were employed, when Mum was ill and eventually passed away. I cannot describe in words how valuable and vital the Carers were to my Dad during this time. Their visits were essential to assist Dad through the grief process and a severely difficult time in his life. Our family does not live near Dad, and Home Instead has given our family peace of mind to know that Dad is being checked on and looked after by their fantastic staff/Carers”. – Angela G (daughter of client)

“My mother has been using Home Instead for over 12 months, and the service has been life-changing. Regular (daily) trips out from a team who feel more like friends than caregivers. Reliable and regular care, and daily updates via the app, leave me feeling much happier that Mum has a busy, active, fulfilling life. The office is easy to get hold of and responds quickly. Really, it has been transformative for both Mum and myself. I regularly recommend others in a similar situation to contact them to see if/how they can help. My only regret is that I didn’t contact them earlier.” – Michael H (son of client)

“I can’t fault the service. My father’s carers have often gone the extra mile. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The staff particularly three of them who deal with Dad mostly, are excellent. I recommend Home Instead to all who ask about them.” – Steve D (son of client)

“Just incase we needed an excuse to eat cake […] my Care Professional and I had tea & cake in the garden. This made me smile 😊 I’ve struggled to go out & about since shielding ended. But my Care Professional very kindly joined me & assisted me on a visit to “scotch lodge farm” in Earls Barton for a cup of tea ☕. Thanks for your support. Proud of myself for going out. This made me smile 😊” – Debbie W (client)

At Home Instead Northampton, it is just as important to us that our Care Professionals smile too and enjoy working for Home Instead. Afterall, when someone enjoys their job, this is shown through the work that they do. All our Care Professionals are amazing and have a real passion for care. So we asked our Care Professionals and office team about what makes them smile, and how their job makes them smile- here’s some of the things they said:

“During my working career […] I had several tests carried out which confirmed my personality and Character. Even as a younger woman I showed very strong caring traits, which got stronger the older I got […] My personality wants to care, help, encourage, inspire others.   So, to use these skills I wanted to become a Care Professional. I enjoy meeting people, talking to them about all aspects of their lives. Telling them about my life. Reminiscing making them laugh. Resolving problems to make their lives easier.” – Margaret

“I like working for home instead because of the family ethos we have, this makes me feel a part of home instead” – Clare

“I like working for Home Instead because of the way we care for people, the Care professional’s we have are Amazing and they really care about the clients, they become their friends and improve their lives on a daily basis, and this make me proud” – Georgie

“I like working for Home Instead because everyone who works here cares for their clients and wants the best for them. The training is informative and well lead which helps to make each care call with our clients individual and personal to them.” Emma

“I love to care and help people. At Home Instead I can do just that. To be able to be part of someone’s life and help them when they need it, is a powerful and rewarding thing. I love that I can play even just a small part in someone’s life and hopefully make their life just a little bit better” – Hannah

“I get joy and job satisfaction from seeing the joy and appreciation from our clients. And I really appreciate he care and attention I get from Home Instead” – Leanne

“Home Instead have given me the confidence to continue caring for the elderly with all their needs to stay safe in their own home. Home Instead are always there for you no matter what time of day it is they will always be on the other end of the phone. I’ve been with Home-instead for 3 years in March 2024. Never thought i would last but with full training and them being there for you as helped me a lot, I always have said to them they are all like family to me and love them all. I think all my clients love seeing me being silly as this always puts a smile on their faces and I know they are all happy when I’ve left their homes” – Stacey

“What makes me smile is that even when I’m feeling down my clients put a smile on my face when I go to give care and make them happy” – Sabrina

Of course, we couldn’t forget that it is also National Poetry Day. So here is a selection of poems that show the importance of home care, the impact our amazing Care Professionals can have on and in a person’s life.

At Home Instead we love to hear how our Care Professionals make our clients smile. We do this through regular reviews and contact with our clients and their families. In addition, we regularly keep in touch with our Care Professionals to find how they are, and about how they support our clients. For example, in recent months our Care Professionals have supported clients to access books through a volunteer library service, they have helped them build the courage to access the wider community, to bake cakes, and even put photos of loved ones (and celebrity crushes) by the bedside ready for a goodnight greeting.

If you would like any information on how Home Instead Northampton could support you, or help you to smile, please call us in the office on 01604 211190.