Meet the team

Lindsay Baccino

Lindsay Baccino - Director of Care & Registered Care Manager

I have worked in the care sector since 2003, and joined Home Instead in 2014 as part of the Scheduling Team and then became Care Manager before being promoted to Director of Care. I have great knowledge of Clients needs and CAREGiver skills. I am friendly, approachable, fair and thorough, and a great communicator who is always happy to sit down and discuss issues or concerns with anyone. I am always looking for ways that we can improve the care that our clients receive and the qualities of our ever growing team. I am very proud to work for Home Instead, we have a fantastic team of enthusiastic and committed key players and CAREGivers who all have a passion to deliver OUTSTANDING care. There is so much I love about my job from having the privilege of helping people to remain in their own homes to the support and peace of mind we provide their families.

What our CQC Outstanding Rating means to me.

Home Instead is all about providing an excellent level of person centred care and ensuring that all our clients are safe and receiving the correct support and help at home that they need. Our CQC report and OUTSTANDING rating tell us that this is something that together our office and CAREGivers are achieving and our clients and their families are happy and satisfied with the care that they receive which is always our priority.


Janet -General Manager

I joined the team in January 2020 to drive the operational performance through positive people engagement and business strategy to help achieve the company’s goal of being recognised as the UK’s leading At Home Care provider.
I bring a wealth of experience from my previous career in a multi-national organisation, delivering transformational change and strong business performance.
I am a people orientated individual who consistently delivers results through my people, showing a strong record of accomplishment of coaching and developing teams to achieve the company goals and objectives.
Outside of work my main interests are playing netball and badminton, socialising with my family and friends and walking my dog Harry.
I enjoy coming to work every day, working with such a dedicated, hardworking, motivated and committed team of key players and CAREGivers. We are all working towards the same goals working as one, with our dedicated team of CAREGivers, to deliver outstanding person centred care to our clients to enhance their lives. I am proud of the team for what they achieve each and every day, knowing that the team I work with enriches the lives of the people we care for and it gives me a sense of pride supporting the team to grow and develop in their roles.

Without a doubt working for a company that has achieved CQC OUTSTANDING Rating makes me extremely proud. Living up to outstanding is our benchmark, as a team we support each other so we can sustain the high standards required to remain at the top of our game. It is a pleasure informing people that are using our service or enquire about the service that we are rated outstanding as this is not common both within the industry or locally.


Sarah - Assistant Care Manager

I joined Home Instead as a CAREGiver in 2019 and progressed quickly to a Senior CareGiver role. The best part of being a CAREGiver, is making a difference and building relationships with our clients and their families, while helping them stay in the home they love. Initially I combined my role as a CAREGiver alongside a full time job at a well-known multinational company, where I worked for over 20 years gaining experience of working with people whilst delivering the best customer experience in a fast paced and challenging environment.
I had always wanted to move into care, so made the decision to leave my previous position to concentrate on building a new career with Home Instead as the Assistant Care Manager. I am now looking forward to combining care experience and people skills. As the Assistant Care Manager I look forward to be able to provide support to the clients but also our wonderful team of CAREGivers who are making a difference to people’s lives every day. Outside of work, life is centred on my family, spending every minute with them, making memories and having fun with friends and family. I love my role here at Home Instead, working alongside such committed key players and CAREGiver’s who are outstanding in the care they deliver and their commitment and dedication to their clients. Within my role I have the joy / the honour to meet our clients and CAREGiver’s daily. It is an honour to be a part of such a dedicated team who strive to deliver person centred outstanding care 24/7.

What outstanding means to me

Our Outstanding Rating makes me extremely proud as a CAREGiver and Assistant Care Manager to have been a part of this.
For our care to be outstanding highlights the dedication, the commitment and the actions our CAREGiver’s take on a daily basis that for our clients are above and beyond their expectations.

Michael Outstanding

Michael - Recruitment Assistant

Prior to working for Home Instead I had experiences with Alzheimer’s and Dementia as my Nan and Grandad lived with this horrific disease therefore I knew the challenges that could arise, I would be ready for anything that came my way and couldn’t wait to help our clients stay safe in their own homes. I have worked for Home Instead for over 5 years now, had many roles including; administration, scheduling and currently I am involved in recruitment and training and I wouldn’t change my journey at all or want to work for any another company as I feel respected and very content here. Our staff are 100% committed, compassionate, caring and safe which makes the quality of care we provide to our clients shine brightly, this brings a smile to my face every day knowing I have been a part of recruiting our new CAREGivers, especially when speaking to clients and they express their happiness, satisfaction when knowing they have a Home Instead CAREGiver coming to see them. Without our inspiring and influential caregivers this would not be possible. I am so proud to say I work for Home Instead furthermore I would highly recommend our office to anyone who would be interested in joining us to help carry on growing and maintain the standards that have already been set.


Merissa - Care Quality Coordinator

I am originally from South Africa and I moved to Northern Ireland when I was 8. After finishing school I started working with adults that have complex learning disabilities in a residential setting. Working there is what started my passion for care and I knew from that point on this is the journey I want to take. Soon after I started working there I achieved my level 3 in health and social care which really helped me understand how I needed to deliver care. After 2 ½ years I started working for the South eastern trust In Northern Ireland as a community support worker for children. There I specialised in Tracheostomy care. This was an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who were not able to do what most kids could. I really went above and beyond for the children I worked with and I always made sure they believed in themselves like the way I believed they could achieve all they wanted to regardless their disability. Over the past 8 years I have received training in Medication administration, moving and handling, care certificate, tracheostomy care, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, peg training, nasal suctioning, administering nebulisers, catheter care, nutrition and hydration and all the modules I covered with Home Instead.
After meeting my partner I relocated to Liverpool. I am a very outgoing person and I’m always up for a challenge so the move to Liverpool has been a great experience. While in Liverpool I networked with a lot of families requiring care for their child. I soon started working privately for a family, taking care of their little girl who had brain damage from birth. Sadly after a year she passed away, this opportunity does not come very often and I always feel blessed to have been a part of her life. 
I then started my journey with Home Instead. It has been a fantastic experience to be a part of the Crosby Team. I have really enjoyed working in a fast paced work environment and I love helping our clients and CAREGiver’s in any way I can. To be a part of an OUTSTANDING team and to be part of the process to maintain our OUTSTANDING is a really great feeling. We always put pride in all we do.

Jasmine - Care Coordinator

Jasmine - Care Coordinator

I would definitely consider myself a people person and it was this that led me to complete my Undergraduate degree in Sociology at Cardiff University. I have always wanted to learn more about different groups of people and it is this that grew into my passion for wanting to help individuals. After University, I was able to put this into practice working as a Coordinator in a Healthcare Agency, in which I developed my skills of empathy and understanding towards both the staff and services. As this was a role in which I was interacting with large businesses, I was drawn to the role at Home Instead as it allowed me to work with clients on a personal level and further understand the importance of a person-centred approach to ensure the independence of the clients life. I am excited to be able to exercise and develop my skills in this role and with Home Instead. Before coming to work at Home Instead I had been on furlough, during this time I was lucky enough to be able to spend quality time with my family, especially my niece, which has allowed a lot of space for some shocking arts and crafts creations. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I am always very happy outdoors (preferably flat land), I love to read and I would consider myself a pretty good cook (at least I think so!) . I thoroughly enjoy working at Home Instead, it has a positive working culture that can be felt every day! Working at Home Instead allows me to interact with an array of different people and I have learnt and experienced so much that has aided my development not just professionally but also personally and I feel very lucky as a result!

What outstanding means to me

Outstanding means a lot to me, it is an ethos that transposes through the business and is something that I practice every single day alongside those in the office. It is underpinned by our dedication and the CAREGivers commitment to up keeping and practicing the highest standard of care


Danielle - Care Coordinator

Prior to working for Home Instead Danielle worked in the care sector for 10 years, most recently Danielle had a spell working in a local factory making filters for masks which are worn by the NHS during the COVID pandemic, however she soon realised this type of work was just not for her and made the decision to return to care, as this is certainly where her passion lies.

Danielle first started working in care at the age of eighteen, in a care home where her Great Grandma lived. She enjoyed visiting and would spent time chatting to all the residents sitting in the lounge, finding out about their lives, she loved to listen to their fascinating tales and stories. She really looked forward to their conversations, it not only brightened her day but made a difference to the residents. She knew this line of work was for her as she loved helping people and making their day a little more special.

Danielle also worked in recruitment for a care company. She really enjoyed this role as it allowed her to support the care staff and make life easier for the homes, providing them with staffing solutions and much needed support. Danielle is really looking forward to using the skills and experience she has gained throughout her previous roles now she is at Home Instead.  She sees this as her long term career, enjoying the journey, learning lots of new skills and making strides to build a fulfilling career.  

Outside of work Danielle attends college, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she likes to keep active by going to the gym, rock climbing and relaxing with a good book.