About Us

Welcome to Home Instead Leigh, 

Thomas and Georgia are the owners of Leigh and are dedicated to providing and delivering a quality and friendly service. We believe that having quality care that is bespoke to each client is the best way to keep families at ease during these difficult times of finding the right service.Choosing care is a very difficult thing to do and sometimes it can be very upsetting for families and the clients, here at Home Instead it is our mission to make sure all our care plans and consultations are done the correct way to ensure everyone is comfortable with their decision and also the care is specific to the client.

Home Instead Leigh is flexible to work around you, we are 24hour service to fit whatever needs you have, we work around the clock to ensure the service we provide is quality when looking after your loved ones. 

Georgia knows how difficult it can be to find the right care as her own Grandmother had dementia and she experienced her mother and aunties look after her every day until it was not possible anymore. This is why Excellent,quality care is our goal.