Reflecting on Memories and Building Connections

Weekly Community Events in Leigh

Tuesday Heritage Exchange with MemeroabLEIGH

Join our local history and reminiscence group, led by professional writer and local history expert Julie McKiernan. Explore and discuss the rich tapestry of Leigh and its surrounding areas through artifacts, videos, photographs, and newspaper articles. This week, delve into the nostalgia of the 1976 heatwave, sharing cherished memories and reflecting on how times have changed.

Wednesday Intergenerational Gaming at Hourigan House

Experience the joy of intergenerational connections as we bring our gaming sessions to Hourigan House in Leigh. Residents are transported to stunning virtual environments like the Maldives, and thrill to the excitement of driving simulators through Japanese countryside roads.

Thursday Extra Time Hub: Wigan Athletic Community Trust

Join the Extra Time Hub, facilitated by the Wigan Athletic Community Trust, where retirees come together to socialize, explore new activities, and maintain active lifestyles. These weekly gatherings foster friendships, promote social engagement, and contribute to healthy aging. Enjoy outdoor circuit sessions and leisurely walks, embracing the sunny weather and camaraderie.

Friday Veterans Breakfast at Wigan Armed Forces Community HQ

Armed Forces Community HQ offers a welcoming space for veterans to connect, belong, and access opportunities for personal growth. Established in 2018, this nonprofit organization promotes social inclusion, physical well-being, and improved life outcomes for the Armed Forces Community. Join us as we unite, inspire, and support each other towards better life chances.