Top Tips for Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Summer’s here! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s glorious! We love the summer here at Home Instead but as a home care provider we’re all too aware of the risks it can pose, especially for the most vulnerable members of society such as:

· Older people- especially anyone over the age of 75
· People with serious and long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, kidney problems, Diabetes and conditions of the heart or lungs
· People who live alone or are in care homes
· People who are bed bound
· People with dementia
· Babies and very young children

Keep the following top tips in mind to ensure that you and anyone you care for can get the most out of this summer having fun in the sun! 

· Think hydration! Keeping hydrated is hugely important so drink plenty of water and cold drinks. Remember to take drinks with you when you go out too! Vulnerable people may need prompting and additional support to drink enough.
· Be snack-tastic! Enjoy foods that are dense in water such as fresh fruit, vegetables, smoothies and ice lollies
· Ditch the booze! Avoid excess alcohol during hot weather as it will add to dehydration
· Shut out the sun! While it may feel strange to close your curtains on a nice sunny day doing so particularly on sun facing rooms will help to keep your home cool
· Pick your moments! Avoid being outdoors, exercising and travelling between 11am and 3pm as this tends to be the hottest time of the day
· Ban the burn! Avoid getting sun burnt by wearing a sun hat, applying sun cream regularly and staying in cool and shaded areas
· Style it out! Be mindful of making appropriate clothing choices, especially when supporting someone to dress who may not be able to change their clothes independently or verbalise when they are too hot
· Love thy neighbour! Check on friends, family members and neighbours who are at an increased risk
· Breeze through it! Consider using an electric fan to create a cool breeze
Thermometer in hot weather